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5ft 8 in, 140lb. Submission and pin wrestling, competitive, semi-competitive, fantasy, scissor sessions, high pins.

Think you can take me on in a wrestling bout? Everyone knows I love a good match, whether it's competitive, semi-competitive or fantasy.

My scissors and pinning skills are legendary and there are plenty of other holds I know to put you through the grinder. I also have masses of wrestling gear from bikinis to boots.

Get on the mats with me – there''s plenty of room – and I can promise you a great workout. Don't worry, I won't overstep your boundaries (unless you really want me to!)

Sessions take place at Monica's Wrestling Centre, 15 minutes from Liverpool Street. To arrange a session, just telephone or email me and we'll fix it up!

Telephone: 0788 187 2505 or 0795 134 3260

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Monica in New York! 3-7 October!


Come on,guys! Get a little bit of Monica in your life!          3-7 Oct - New York!
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Monica rings in the changes. Read the whole interview HERE!

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