Black Belt Beauty Diana v Bert HDDiana is a tall, young black-belt judoka who knows how to use her feet to submit and humiliate! Her opponent knows a little judo - just enough for her to know he can take some punishment! Diana takes to the Gi-Feet domination style easily - and has him submitting to her foot attack on his throat within seconds of the start! There are some fantastic close-ups here, so you can closely see exactly how Diana is using her strong feet to break him. Just check the expression on her face - Diana is a genuine competitive athlete and shows no mercy, no matter how much he struggles. She uses her advanced judo techniques to immobilise him, before delivering the coup-de-grace with her foot holds. This is true gi_feet domination - and blonde Diana is a star!


Feet First Gabi v Lydia HDGabi is a national-level black belt judoka and here takes on Lydia - trained by her sister Ina Black! Both women are very strong and skilled, and Gabi especially likes to use her feet on her opponents! Lydia is very strong and resists Gabi's attacks - but this only makes Gabi attack harder. And to emphasise her superiority, Gabi frequently rubs her feet onto Lydia's face and neck - which Lydia hates! It's not often that Lydia is outclassed on the mats, and she does her best to fight back. Some great judo-based moves and plenty of foot domination here!


Johns Tatami Challenge Lina v Poison HDA welcome return for BJJ-trained Lina (in her new, tight white gi!) and a debut for the powerful raven-haired Poison. A guy at work had been teasing them both as to who had the best mat skills, so they decide to meet privately to settle the matter. Poison is shocked to discover how skillful Lina turns out to be - and how merciless in using her beautiful feet to torture her! Lina uses her expertise in juji-gatame and sankaku holds to control and dominate. And once her struggling opponent is locked in tight, she forces her feet onto her opponents face. mouth and neck. Poison is strong and determined, but no match for the Swedish BJJ expert. By the end, Lina strips her of her belt and forces her into a humiliating foot-kissing (one foot after another!) session. Lina has been training hard at the dojo and is taking no prisoners!


Young Tigers Stella v Yoana HDStella and Yoana are both young judokas. They compete on the same team and have a strong rivalry. They loved the idea of fighting with more emphasis on foot-based submissions, and once they had got used to it, used it with devastating effect! Both are skilled, but one is a little better and her determination to win sees her opponent choked and exhausted on the tatami at the finish. You'd expect some fine throws from these two and the first one comes as a shock, with lightning speed!


Pinned To The Mat Ina Black v Ivan HDA deserted sports arena, mats as far as the eye can see, a man ... and judoka Ina Black! Ina is here with one idea in mind - to take down and control this guy, then pin him. And pin him. And pin him. The guy may have a different idea - but you don't argue with Ina. She hip tosses him, execute a perfect tomoe-nage on him, armbars him, forces her feet in his face, but above all, pins him flat time and time again. He looks quite strong, but that means nothing to Ina. Once he's underneath her, there's no argument. Ina will only release him when she decides to. And at the end, she victory poses over him after he's submitted the entire match. Ina Black - unbeatable!


Tatami Tussle Lydia v Orsi HDLydia is always looking for new opponents, male or female, to conquer and trap beneath her triumphant feet. She challenged Orsi, who is more experienced than her but perhaps less aggressive. Orsi certainly lives to regret accepting the challenge! Lydia has been training hard with her sister Ina and soon has Orsi in some painful holds. It's not long before Lydia shows her supremacy by forcing her feet onto Orsi's body. Orsi is tough and doesn't submit so easily, but submit she must to Lydia's onslaught. Lydia drags and rolls her around the mats, choking, squeezing and dominating the smaller girl. Orsi wants a rematch, and we await Lydia's response!


ManBeater Ariel X v Paul HDAriel X is back at GiFeet Girls and fitter, fiercer and more skilled than ever! She's up against Paul, who has some judo training. But no training prepared him for Ariel! She's fast and , and quickly traps him in some BJJ-based moves that have him helpless. She scissors him with her ankles and chokes him with her feet. She uses one foot on his face for leverage as she armbars him. She uses another to pressurise his throat until he submits. Every move he tries to make, she has an answering move that leaves him helpless and tapping. Then finally, she stands over him, takes his belt and victory-poses while working his unprotected face with her foot. All in close-up! This clip is Ariel gi-feeting at her most dominant and - unmissable!


Randori Revenge Orsi v Viktoria HDViktoria is a close friend of Antscha and wasn't pleased when she heard about her humiliation at the hands (and feet!) of Orsi. She challenges the smaller, younger Orsi - whose pride forces her to accept the challenge of the taller, stronger girl. Viktoria is one of the best wrestlers - but Orsi has many gi-fighting skills and especially clever feet. So Viktoria doesn't quite have it all her own way, and finds herself trapped in Orsi's holds and her face being forced into her clever feet. But it can't last - and soon Viktoria's superior strength and grappling skills lets her overpower Orsi and avenge her friend. Orsi's humiliation is total as Viktoria strips her of her prized belt.


Defending Her Domain Antscha v Orsi HDOrsi has fought many gi matches, and Antscha has fought only one. They are old rivals and Orsi wanted to dominate, even humiliate, her blonde opponent in gi combat. But Antscha is not so easily intimidated and makes a real fight of it, surprising Orsi with some humiliating holds with her feet. Orsi - with a great new suntan! - is forced to raise her game, and repays Antscha with armbars, chokes and scissors, always ensuring that Antscha's face is crushed under the soles of her strong feet. One fighter will be stripped of her belt at the end. But look at her face - you'll see that this story of grappling rivalry is not really finished!


Domination Demo Ina Black v Jaki HDJaki is a confident young cagefighter, keen to learn everything she can about all types of combat. So she leapt at the chance to fight Ina Black, international level judoka - and learnt to regret her decision! Although Jaki is strong and athletic, she is no match for Ina who throws her around the mats like a rag doll. Ina loves to dominate with her beautiful judoka's feet, trapping Jaki in painful armbars and forcing her feet into the young cagefighter's face. Ina also uses highly efficient judo throws to disorientate Jaki before slipping her into another humiliating submission. Jaki will learn much from this match on her quest to become a top-level martial artist.


Breaking The Newcomer Jaki v Orsi HDThe GiFeet Girls always like fresh meat on which to demonstrate their skill! Jaki is a successful cagefighter and an amazing kickboxer, but less experienced at gi-grappling. When Orsi challenged her, she agreed and this match is the result. Orsi is extremely good at trapping her opponent between her strong legs and then humiliating them with her feet. Jaki fights back hard, but lacks the technique and can't match Orsi's confidence. She will finish, as so many have before, exhausted on the mat and stripped of her belt, while Orsi victory poses over her. Jaki will need to step up her grappling game if she wants to compete with these girls!


Kempo Kombatants Leona v Suzie HDSuzie and Leona are new faces at GiFeet Girls, but not to gi combat! They're both experts at Zen Bu Kan Kempo - a striking, grappling martial art. And it's clear that they're also rivals on the mats! They start with a short bout of kick-fighting, which rapidly turns into intensive grappling gi combat. Leona has a powerful physique, somewhat like Ina's, and uses it to out-muscle Suzie. But Suzie is a tactician and often turns the tables on Leona. There is no love lost, and you can see both women enjoy to unleash the power in their feet to humiliate their opponent! One of them will finish the match with one of the cruelest armbars we've seen, before forcing her foot onto the beaten girl's face and throat, then walking off with her belt. Here are two fine new talents at GiFeet Girls!


Foot Face Fracas Ariel X v Ina Black HDIna Black, international judoka, takes on Ariel X, one of the most competitive BJJ practitioners on the scene. The match starts formally as the two grapplers feel each other out - but soon it becomes more aggressive as the combatants bring their feet into play! Soon there are feet being forced into faces, heels into throats as the two struggle to establish dominance. Raven-haired Ina is larger and stronger than brown-haired Ariel, but Ariel is very fast and efficient in her holds and stubborn in resistance to Ina's judo skills. In the end, one combatant wins conclusively - and humiliates her beaten opponent by victory posing over her, forcing her foot onto her face, throat and belly. A final bow, and her opponent is left, exhausted on the mat.


Black Gi Mastery Antscha v Raquel HDAfter their match at the Live Event, Antscha and Raquel wanted to test each other in gis. Blonde Antscha in her white gi had become more aggressive and determined to show her new prowess against highly skilled black-gi wearer Raquel. The result is a treat for judo-gi grappling fans as both women go hard against each other - and use their feet mercilessly to control and humiliate at every opportunity. Antscha uses all the technical tricks she knows, and frequently traps Raquel, forcing Raquel to face her beautiful feet. But Raquel is in fantastic shape and harnesses her awesome grappling skill to reverse and ultimately dominate. A fantastic match!


Fighting Footwork Dia Zerva v Orsi HDThe match many wanted to see: blonde Dia in grappling gi combat with dark-haired Orsi. Both women are martial artists with knowledge of many holds and escapes, and both are experts in humiliating their opponents with their feet. Dia especially has long toes, which at one point she uses almost like claws, pinching and gripping Orsi's cheeks and face. But Orsi has techniques of her own and is no pushover in this arduous match. At the end, one warrior will stand over the other, forcing her foot on her defeated (de-feeted?) and humiliated opponent's face. Fantastic.


Grappling Rivalry Dragonlily v Dia Zerva HDDragonlily and Dia Zerva are well-known rivals in sensual wrestling - but also take their jiujitsu training very seriously. Dragonlily has an advantage in having grappled for several years. And she's only too happy to demonstrate her expertise on Dia, especially with many a humiliating foot move! Time and again, Dia is simply out-manoeuvred by Dragonlily's sensual, flowing style, trapped and then forced to experience her feet in her face. Dragonlily is a fantastic grappler, one of the best we've seen, and many of her holds may be new to you.Dia ends up stripped of her belt, and left lying on the mats while her opponent hits a victory pose then strolls off. It combines sensuality with great grappling skill!


Black Belt Domination Ina Black v Orsi HD

Orsi is a skilled grappler and trains in ninjutsu, but nothing - but NOTHING - has prepared her for an encounter on the mats with Ina Black. Ina is a black belt, an international judo champion, and a sambo gold medalist, She is simply awesome - especially when wearing a gi! Within seconds of the match commencing, Ina has thrown Orsi and submitted her. And this pattern repeats itself over the full 25 minutes of this clip. Poor Orsi is thrown, choked, scissored, grapevined and made to submit to Ina's power and skill in a whole variety of ways. She is like a rag doll as Ina demonstrates throw after throw, lock after lock, submission after submission. And as Ina bows at the end, Orsi is left lying exhausted on her back, aware that she has been beaten by a true Mistress of the Mats.


Triumph of Technique Jenny Sjodin v ZahraA competitive gi match between two proud grapplers! Zahra loves (in fact, lives) to fight and has attended grappling classes for years. Jenny Sjodin is moving swiftly through the BJJ grades, winning prizes and destroying opponents. This match is serious! Zahra goes in hard from the start, surprising Jenny and trapping her head tight in her strong legs more than once. But Jenny is an expert tactician and conserves her strength. Gi-control technique, reversals, chokes, juji-gatame are all here. Watch these two warrior women close-up in True High Definition and see how focused both are on control and domination. But only one will be victorious! This match is highly recommended!


Competitive Gi Grappling Lina v Tyger HDLina and Tyger are long-standing rivals from wrestling. But they have never fought in their gis - until now. Both are keen to show their grappling mastery as they tangle in competitive combat. This match is serious, with plenty of atmosphere. Watch Lina execute a beautiful tomoe-nage on Tyger, preceded by an armbar that has her opponent tapping in seconds. The end comes with a combination of sankaku-jime and kimura! A highly recommended match, between two awesome competitors.


Technique Torture Orsi v Veve Lane HDOrsi has a background in ninjutsu; Veve Lane is a BJJ expert. Both know some extremely painful foot holds with which to torture their opponent. Orsi did well at humiliating Monica (see below), but with Veve, she's up against an active tournament grappler. Veve is fast, and highly technical, tying Orsi up in some holds. From the first submission - with the side of her foot cutting into Orsi's throat - you can tell Veve is taking no prisoners. Orsi will end up crushed and humiliated by Veve's technical skill, her face firmly under the victor's foot. This match is highly recommended!


Mistress Lina

Dave has a big mouth and reckons no woman can beat him. He's also been sneaking glances at Lina's feet all day. Lina's had enough and challenges him to a grappling match. Dave had no idea she was so dangerous and gets a real hurting put on him! Triangles, kimuras, keylocks, scissors, chokes ... Lina works through her awesome repertoire, leaving Dave begging for mercy. She leaves off her gi pants just to tantalise him all the more. The final humiliation comes as she forces him to suck her pretty toes as he lies vanquished and broken on the mat. He'll never question a tough gi-wearing girl again!


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