May13 Live Wrestling Event DVDTwo American wrestling stars make their UK live debut – Dragon Lily and Tomiko! Dragon Lily is a highly skilled grappler and Tomiko is a true, never-say-die scissor queen! They both have great matches – and Dragon Lily's match against an increasingly skilled Antscha is a standout! Zahra makes her farewell match with Tomiko a fight to remember and old rivals Tyger and Orsi go at each other with a will – head scissors v bodyscissors!

Every match on this DVD is unforgettable – all on a vast matted area that makes a great showcase for female wrestling skill!

1. Tyger v Zahra; 2. Antscha v Tomiko; 3. Dragon Lily v Orsi; 4. Orsi v Tyger; 5. Tomiko v Zahra; 6. Antscha v Dragon Lily

Boxed DVD Running time: 2 hr 9 min


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