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I just wanted to say thankyou for being so flexible and allowing me to session with Jade last Tuesday night.

This was my second visit to your studio and I must say that it is a great venue with lots of space.

Jade really is quite amazing. She is very approachable and makes you feel at ease and we had a good chat before the session began.

I waited on the mats while Jade changed upstairs into a red singlet which was very sporty looking indeed as she stepped onto the mat.

I had already stripped down to my trousers but Jade was in no mood for nonsense and told me to take them off at once. She found it quite amusing when I revealed that I was wearing a pink pair of satin shorts!

She wasted no time in getting to grips with me and easily overpowered me taking me down to the floor where she pinned me to the mats before removing my shorts and teasing me for wearing a tiny satin thong!

Now that she had me just where she wanted me she asked me to try my best to throw her off. At first I didnt try too hard as I thought that would be too easy! But how wrong was I. She taunted me and asked me to try harder but no matter how hard I tried I just couldnt throw her off. Never underestimate Jade's physicall strength!

From that moment on I was in no doubt who was in control.

Jade really put me through my paces as she mixed up the session with a perfect blend of domination wrestling, ballbusting and some intense PT which included star jumps, press ups and squats!

I cant quite believe just how fit Jade is and she never broke sweat once while I on the other hand was completely spent of all my energy as time after time I found myself in an inescapable head lock and begging for her to let me go! Jade took great pleasure in taunting me and having me begging her to let me go!

After a full hour of being out manouvered and simply overpowered Jade brought our session to an end with a devestating kick which she landed right between my legs leaving me crumpled on the floor with Jade stood above in a victory pose.

This was a truly amazing session with a truly amazing lady. I would thoroughly recommend booking a session with Jade.



Monica Review



 I first came across Monica in early 2016 when I was just starting out on my mixed wrestling adventure. I‘d only previously sessioned in a serviced apartment but wanted to try out a studio based session, Monica’s website was full of excellent videos filmed at her studio in East London which was modern, light and had plenty of mats to roll around on! I booked a couple of sessions with girls who were on her books and Monica was always very efficient when it came to organising the sessions and her email communications were always polite and responded to quickly. It wasn’t until later in the year that I finally met her in person prior to a session with another lady, Monica gave me a big bearhug and we had a nice chat. She is a very honest and open person and after discussing what I liked in previous sessions and what she enjoyed we agreed that we should meet each other one on one on the mats and a session was duly organised.

By that time Monica had opened her new brand new studio in Walthamstow. The studio was very impressive and we agreed to start our session on the large matted area before heading in to the wrestling ring, the first thing I noticed was that she trash talked much more than the other girls. I was declared a wimp and she questioned what I thought I could do to her? The resounding answer was not much! Monica is deceptively strong and it’s very hard to get her off her feet or to get around the back of her to gain an advantage, any attack by me would end up either in a crippling headlock or with me being thrown to the mats to be worked over by Monica who used her 20 years of wrestling experience to subdue me.She has a sixth sense which can predict what you are going to try to do and she knows so many counters that all but the most experienced wrestlers will not be able to catch her out. Things then got even more interesting when we swapped the mats for the ring (of pain). As a childhood wrestling fan it was initially most exciting to be in a proper full size ring and my joy at running the ropes soon came to an end when Monica stepped in and barged me to the floor.

We started off standing and she invited me in for a test of strength. Hands locked I gave it my all but Monica raised an eyebrow and asked, “have you even started yet?”, undeterred I doubled my efforts but it was to no avail as she twisted my palms upwards before lifting my hands up to my chest then placing them between her feet and head scissoring me. Monica would make an excellent pro style heel as she rather enjoys “bending” the rules. Whilst trapped in a reverse head scissor Monica asked me “Can’t you escape wimp?”, “I’m trying” I replied but this obviously did not impress Monica as she directed a crushing right hand straight to my prone balls. My breath left my body momentarily and I felt like curling up but couldn’t as Monica was still perched atop of me, several more punches followed along with a menacing laugh from Monica. She pulled me up in what I thought was a sporting gesture but she grabbed my arm and neck and slammed me so hard into the corner post that the impact echoed around the venue, I looked up at her and her lips were pursed and her brow narrowed, I braced myself but was powerless to block the severalstiff kicks to the groin that followed.I felt all the energy drain from my body but Monica was still bright eyed and had not yet broken sweat. The rest of the session was a blur– her Boston crabs made me feel like I was about to snap in half, figure fours to the neck caused my ears to buzz and my eyes to see stars, brutal camel clutches caused every sinew of my shoulder blades to feel like they were on fire before she trampled my forlorn body.  The final indignation was when she placed her foot on my chest and flexed her strong arms smiling with the pride of a convincing victor - finally the beatdown was over and we hugged and vowed to do it again.

 We have indeed sessioned several more times since and each one has been different and still great fun. I’ve also attended Monica’s live shows which are a perfect introduction to the scene for any newcomers, there you can see the girls in live competitive action, ask questions and participate in mini matches which are a fantastic way to ease yourself into the scene. As stated above, Monica has many years of experience and has always been friendly, professional and respectful.

Session with Spice

by Dave


Monicas  today met the wonderful  spice wrestler       was not disappointed  . Looked great . We had an hour of fun plenty of sweat. Loads of effort.  This lady is determined  and gives 100 percent  which I appreciate  so gents do yourself a favour and book this lady
You will not be disappointed.  

Session at the new studio with Monica

by Jonathan

Monica Clip

I had a session with monica yesterday at her new studio and we had the match in her new ring she put me in various holds and I was tapping out left right and centre. she also used her very powerful legs to pin me down and I couldn’t get out no matter how hard I tried. we then had a break and we had a chat and a catch up on what we have been upto during the week. her new studio is amazing and I love my matches in the ring infact I've even bought pro wrestling gear just for using in the ring. I've had lots of matches in the ring with a lot of the girls on monicas site and I even go to monicas live events and her new mixed live events. Best place in europe to wrestle wow Monica's done it AGAIN!!!!

Sessioning with Leila
by Brian
I have now had two wrestling sessions with Monica’s new girl, Leila, from Brazil. As soon as Leila opened the door and greeted me with her charming smile and warm embrace I was enchanted. Leila told me she had never wrestled before but it was soon clear she was too agile for me – I am not as young as I was!000032
She kept smiling throughout our session and clearly enjoyed her success. She was even smiling on the few occasions I managed to get the upper hand. Most of the time I was on my back with her putting me in various pins and laughing at my failed attempts to escape.
Towards the end we got into the ring for a bondage wrestling session. I had never done this before, but Leila must have had some experience as she clearly knew all about it. It did not take long for her to get on top and I soon I found my arms bound up so as to be immobilised and forced to give in. Leila ended with a victory pose before unbinding me and giving me a consolation hug.
Apart from her surprising athleticism, Leila is a stunningly beautiful woman and a great asset to MWC.

Sessioning with Poison

by Sam

Friday evening session with Poison, lovely girl, great poison 295personality, one of the best figures around, and a really fair sense of play, defo no clock watcher.

Good skills and despite giving away around 20 lbs, once in upper schoolgirl pin mode - and at the end of the session, even the mount - was very hard/impossible to shift.

We both got wins (mine all pins bar one-scissor) but had we been counting, she'd have gotten at least twice my number. She also loves to use the guard.

BTW, and all this after having just had a couple of really tough matches (her not me)!

Have not seen too many reviews on her on the main site, so hope this one redresses the balance some.

A Session with Sophiesophie wrestler

by Spidermouth

I was going to London today and rang Monica at the last minute yesterday to get a session with one of my favourite athletes. I was lucky because Sophie was available and she is an athlete who I have fought 3 times before – we have one win each and the other match was a draw. So today's match was a big match to see who could get ahead in the series. I arrived just as Monica and Sophie were arriving at the building, greeted them with a hug, I could see Sophie was already sizing me up to see if I was as fit as before. I waited until Sophie got changed before I had a good look seeing that she was as fit as ever. Indeed doing a session today had not stopped her going to the gym this morning!

I wore my provocative pink, turquoise, fluorescent green and fluorescent yellow shorts with a t-shirt I can't really describe. Sophie wore an orange sports bra and black adidas swim pants looking very sporty, I commented that she looked like she was competing for Holland.

We started on our knees with Monica coaching Sophie telling her to get me down, get my head, trap my arm, etc. I think there was one point of confusion where I did what Monica said and Sophie thought Monica was giving me the instructions rather than her! I had been pulled down after Sophie grabbed me round the body including both arms trapped in her embrace. Sophie was quick to get on top and press me to the mats. I shifted and wriggled beneath her looking to work an opening for an escape, but Sophie had me planted on the mats. I tried to reach up with my ankles to capture her shoulders but she just laughed at my lack of flexibility. I managed to capture one of her legs between my legs and tried to roll her over but she stayed on top. There was plenty of eye contact as she leaned on my chest with her elbow around my neck. There was also plenty of trash talking and taunting, all very good humoured, throughout the match. Sophie's pony tail dropped into my face, nice. As I moved it back behind her head, she got her leg out from between my legs and got the full mount position and close her knees in on my arms which she had placed either side of my head and out straight. I was trapped and arced my back to try and get her off but she had the pin and I could not get my shoulders up off the mat. The count reached 5 and it was 1-0 to Sophie.

We took a drink and then back down on our knees for round 2. Sophie forced me down onto my back and I was soon into my Spider defence to prevent her from gaining a mount position from which she could go for a pin, grapevine, body scissors or head scissors. She yanked her leg out from between mine but just as she was going for the school girl pin, I pushed up against her behind and slipped out from under her. She was straight back onto me and over powered me pressing me down on the mats again. She sat up and looked down at me with a half grin half smirk expression and I lay flat on my back looking up at her. We wrestled on with me pushing one of her legs between my legs and temporarily rolling on top of her. However, I could not get into a position to close out the point and soon Sophie was back on top and got me with a school girl pin to make it 2-0. This was how the match finished, so many congratulations to Sophie. It was really great to be back at Monica's Wrestling Centre again. Thanks Monica for arranging the session. Next on my list of opponents will be Adriana and Rapunzel.

Session with Orsi

by Maxorsi review2

I had a one-hour session with the beautiful Orsi this weekend, and was highly impressed. We agreed to have a semi-competitive session with submissions, but even though the tempo was controlled and the wrestling not aggressive in style, I can promise you that I didn’t hold back very much. Orsi may seem a little shy and modest outside of the mats, and claimed she wasn’t very strong, but on the mats it’s clear she has a desire to win and make you submit. I had just wrestled Star for over an hour (her being impressive, as always), and Monica and Star said I would have to take it easier on Orsi, because she’s smaller and not as strong. Well, they could at least have warned me about her awesome leg strength‼! Beneath that silky smooth skin hides a squeezing power I have not experienced in other wrestlers her size, or maybe not even in other wrestlers full stop! If deceptively strong should ever be used, it should be about Orsi.

In the beginning of the session I felt the strength of her body scissors in particular, but did not tap out and thought I could probably survive those for the rest of the session. Then Orsi revealed that she hadn’t used her full power yet but now promised to do so…Moreover, she’s laborious and patient both in getting into the right positions and also in her squeezing, starting out relatively slowly and increasing the pressure gradually, fooling you into believing you’ll manage ok. I found out soon enough that once she’d clamped on her body scissors and reverse head scissors for real, there was very little chance of escape, and when she used her full strength I tapped out to numerous head scissors and at least two body scissors. One of these came after a very clever move when she had me in a school girl pin and I was sure she would go for a head scissor or a smother. With great quickness she slipped her legs around my ribcage and squeezed hard, and it was a matter of a couple of seconds before the pain became unbearable. Well done!

All in all I must have tapped out about 9 or 10 times in an hour, and managed something like 5 submissions myself. I am actually not sure I would be able to beat Orsi even if I’d given it my all throughout the whole session, and I’m 6 foot and 81 kilos. If we'd done pins as well she would have done even better, because she's an expert at getting into a mount position and extremely hard to shift once on top. Her one weakness would be her midsection, since she tapped out relatively quickly the few times I managed to get round her defences and apply body scissors.

A gorgeous girl with a lovely personality, a joy to wrestle and technically good. And bloody strong!

Saturday's Event (plus a double session!)

by Davey

My first Event at Monica's and I had a great day. It all started with a trip to Monica's studios where I had a session with Ina and Lydia, and also met Bettie. I got a friendly greeting from all of them on arrival and had the first 30 mins on the mats with Ina.

I was totally overwhelmed. With her background in Sambo she was excellent in take downs and so was always on top once we hit the floor. I'm usually quite good at turning the opponent but this lady wasn't for turning!

Lydia Ina 295I've never wrestled someone with Ina's style and it was sometimes hard for me to take in what was happening. Usually I can remember the moves and do a reasonable write up afterwards but a lot of it seemed a blur with her on top trying for submissions and me trying to resist. She pointed out I was doing a few wrong moves; showed me new moves and how to use different parts of the body in moves that I already knew but making them more effective.

One of the more flamboyant moves I learnt from standing was taking the opponent in a guillotine type headlock, taking them down to the floor and throwing them over my body onto their back. Sambo also includes a lot of foot and leg locks so when I put Ina in my guard or scissors it usually resulted in me tapping out to one of these. She was great to wrestle and learn from and when we chatted later she stated she missed lighter matches as 80% of her mixed sessions are competitive.

Whatever the level you are she would be good to session with and pleased to wrestle with you. She is very friendly and continued to chat to me during the rest of the day. I was on a promise not to use a couple of her moves on her younger sister Lydia who was over in London on her first event.

Lydia was no pushover as was to be seen later in Monica's event. Being lighter than her sister it was a little easier to resist her moves on the floor, but she still excelled in take-downs and in wrestling technique. She again turned the second half of the session into a training session educating me in the moves of her sport. As they were both competing 3 hours later in the competition we didn't go full out but it was still competitive with stops to explain moves etc. I really enjoyed it and learnt something and look forward to sessioning with them again in the future and being more aware of what is going on and not always being in the bottom position!

After sessioning we all showered and waited for Monica, Richard, Bambina and Jacques to turn up to make the trip to the event. With only two cars, eight people, the mats and equipment to be transferred I thought it was going to an interesting scenario. I had the hatchback so carried the mats. I also had quite a bit of my own stuff in the car as I was traveling up North afterwards. Jacques showed how supple he was by getting into the back of my car with the mats to the roof and managing to close the side door. He is a character.

antschavbambinaIna sat in the front and we chatted amongst the three of us as we followed the others driven by Richard. Lydia and Betty kept us amused from the back of the car in front :-)

The event location was interesting based in railway arches. The people already there were greeted by the wrestlers and there was a lot of friendly hugs as people knew each other. Quite a few people contributed to the event, setting up the facilities, driving the wrestlers to airports, acting as the timer etc. A very friendly atmosphere with plenty of chat amongst everybody there.

I recognised one face as he came in later and that was Ricardo. Others I soon got to chat with including Beresford the time-keeper, Ian, Gary, Colin and a bettievinanumber whose names I have now forgotten.

The wrestling was top class. The opener was Antscha and Bambina and there were several submissions to both sides. The headliner came next - Ina versus Bettie. A big difference in size but both wrestlers were in a league of their own at this event. Terrific to watch with Ina exclaiming `she's good' at the end of round one. Big applause from everyone at the end of this match.

Antscha v Lydia was the next match and Lydia showed her skill, confidence and aggression to say this was her first event of this sort. Antscha was much improved, bigger and with more BJJ skills, then when I sessioned with her over a year ago and managed a win over her. That might not happen again. She is a very good wrestler and good to watch and doesn't back down from fighting better wrestlers such as Bettie who she later met on the mats.

Viktoria made her first appearance on the mats against Bettie and unfortunately got hurt when Bettie lifted and threw her and she landed on her front. She was in pain and retired. Although not a good outcome it did illustrate Bettie's strength and techniques as she was the smallest woman there and Viktoria is no dwarf.

antschavbettieLydia then met Bambina on the mats and her style, size and strength were tough for Bambina to crack although Bambina put in a lot of effort. I think Bambina was a little frustrated at not being able to show her attacking skills.

Antscha then met Bettie with the expected outcome but Antscha showed spirit and technique. The final match was the duel between the two sisters, Ina and Lydia, with Lydia managing to get one submission.

As said earlier the wrestling was top class and I really enjoyed the day with a friendly group of wrestlers and crowd. Many thanks to all concerned especially Monica and Richard. Monica did persuade me with a headlock :-) to take the mats back again before I traveled up North so I said bye to a few people back at the wrestling studio.

Thanks to the guys present for making me welcome especially Richard and Beresford (who had earlier introduced himself :-) when I sat in his normal timekeeping place). See you all at the next event!

A Double Session With Ina Black and Lydiainalydia 295

by Jonathan

I turned up at Monica's Wrestling Centre for a session with Ina Black and her sister Lydia having a game plan as to what i was going to do. Monica turned up and stayed for a little while then she left as me and the girls started our session. Like i said i had a game plan which was thrown out the window as both girls wrestled me to the mats as I heard monica laugh as she was leaving.

Ina is very strong as is her sister and i was put through various holds by both girls. Some moves where performed by Ina and then Lydia would repeat them (she has only been wrestling six months) so you could say my session was part wrestling part lesson but all in all it was a great session.

At one stage both girls were throwing me over their shoulders and even did some lift and carry on me most of which was unexpected.

i left battered and brusied from my session but had a great big smile on my face as i left. I pondered over my beating by the girls. Would i do it again and the answer is YES I WOULD!

And a special message for both Ina and Lydia - thank you both for a great session!

Session With Monicamon sess2

by Jonathan

Well, were do i start? I'm a first timer who decided to have a wrestling session with Monica. I turned up very nervous but as soon as i met Monica my nerves were put at ease. I had a one hour session with Monica and boy can i tell you I'm not very strong but Monica put me through the ringer and some with various holds.

I tapped out more times than i can remember. At various times we broke for a drink and had a litle chat which put me even more at ease and we would start again and like i said before I lost count of how many times I tapped.

All in all a great session and I WILL be booking another session in the near future and may even sample one or two of the other girls. Thanks again Monica, you made my day!

star 295A Session With Star*

by Max Tussle

I recently had a session with Star*, an unknown quantity to me. We agreed on 45 mins of competitive wrestling, and I honestly believed the match would be pretty even, or perhaps with a slight edge to me. This is partly because I'm 6 foot, 180 pounds and fit for a man in his late thirties, and partly because I've wrestled on a par with some of the bigger names in the country. I was admittedly a little tired after two other sessions the same day, but nevertheless did not at all anticipate the onslaught that was to follow.

I'd estimate Star* to be around 155 pounds at the time of the sessions, and boy does she know how to use the pounds well. Within a minute from our starting, kneeling position, I was on my back, my legs stretched apart in a painful grapevine, and my breath taken away by an expertly applied breast smother. Wonderful and painful at the same time, but giving me no choice but to tap after some 8-10 seconds.

I was now aware of Star's favourite hold, and it is therefore even harder to understand how she managed to go 3-0 up using the same move! It is so well performed, and the grapevine and extremely strong headlock means you really fight on three fronts at once. I think she's able to submit bigger and stronger guys than myself, in real wrestling. If you think the breast smother is only for scripted matches or fantasy settings – think again!!

Anyway, I did manage to pull one back to 3-1 with a head scissor, before succumbing to a steely headlock and yet another smother combo before 20 minutes had passed.

The session ended 10-3, I think, and the only way I could get submissions was with head scissors. Star* defended extremely well against headlocks and body scissors.

A lovely girl (prettier than the site photos suggest), very determined and so, so strong. The effect with which Star* uses her whole body to press you down and block your airwaves is impressive, and I very nearly tapped from under her stomach, and later upper thigh/butt.

A crushing machine I'll definitely session with again.

February Event

by Spidermouth

Eight athletes, eight matches, first time for myself at the venue used for this event. Good trip and great to see so many friends as well. Audience from London, rest of UK and continental Europe.

Klaudia v Trixielola v inferno
Some stand up maneouvering and hold attempts before these two athletes got to the mats and grappled. Impressed with both in this close match. Trixie had some supporters with her which was good.

Lina v Jaki
An excellent technical bout where neither athlete could ease up at all. Excellent defensive work by both in the first round. Some superb reversals. Jaki was getting instructions from Ina which I don't think Lina could understand. Very good event debut by Jaki. Lina looked very fit and tanned, I think she's been somewhere nice for her holidays.

Inferno v Lola
Lola comes down the stairs in her black and white zebra coloured bikini top and bottoms – with the word "WILD" written across the back of her bikini bottoms in metallic pink! Stunning! And she can fight! That's enough for me to add her to the list of opponents when I make my comeback! Inferno has improved very much since the last time I saw her wrestle. Very fast paced match, especially in the first round. Did not think they could keep it up, but they did.

Dynamo v Trixie
Dynamo is right back to her best technically and still has the tactical awareness and quick thinking that typifies her wrestling. Trixie and Dynamo were well matched and the match went back and forward with each having periods on top but neither was able to totally dominate – well matched.

We then took a break and there was plenty of talking about the new athletes at the events as well as the anticipation about Ina's matches coming up. The venue had a bar and hot drinks were also available. Pizzas delivered right on schedule. Then it was time for my BDSM education from Dynamo. She was sitting on one of the thrones at the front. I asked "what is with these metal attachments here, here, here and here?" pointing to various parts of the throne. Dynamo replied "they're for tying people into the throne?" …. I think about this "why would you want to do that?". Dynamo replies "why would you not want to?" I have to think about this! "Yeah oh – why is there a semicircle cut out of the seat part at the front here?" Dynamo explains "that's to fit someone's head in".

I ponder on this.

Ina v Klaudia
Ina was in superb form and looked powerful throughout – excellent takedowns and throws. As Lola put it "I wouldn't f*** with her!". Klaudia stuck with it for the 18 minutes and gave a very good account of herself.

Lina v Inferno
New bikini on for Lina – I think this may be a superstitious thing by her – I've seen it before where she uses different bikinis for different matches and they all look great. Inferno was tough and you wonder what do you have to do to get this athlete to submit?

Lola v Dynamo
I had a feeling Lola might be spent after round 1 after the pace she had set in her earlier match with Inferno. Wrong. She piled it on and Dynamo went with it in a very close match. They covered all areas of the mats in an action packed bout. Wish I was in either girl's place wrestling with the other!

Ina v Jaki
The final bout of the day was between the 2 Bulgarian athletes. Jaki has a big future in martial arts and fought well but Ina was putting on a master class performance.

All in all today, we saw body scissors, head scissors, a boston crab in one match, reverse head scissors, elbow locks, ankle locks, holds, knee locks, figure fours, triangles, an attempted grapevine that did not quite lead to a submission, and smothers. Well done to everyone involved in organising this event. I really enjoyed it.

A Session With Lolalolita2 295

by Paul

Had a wonderful lift and carry session with Lola who is certainly the most beautiful girl on the UK wrestling circuit.

Not the most muscular of girls, Lola is astonishingly strong and had no problem with providing me with a variety of piggybacks, front carries, fireman's lifts and OTS carries throughout the session. Always very adventurous, she loved trying out new lifts and as soon as she put me down wanted to know which carry was next! Fantastic, I will be back!

 Event Review

by Spidermouth

Yesterday I attended another outstanding event at Monica's Wrestling Centre; 8 athletes and 7 great matches. I'll start this review talking about the athletes who took part and then I'll go into the matches. Before I do, I'd just like to say it was great to see so many friends and new faces, really enjoyed meeting everyone and talking about the wrestling scene and the experiences we've been having. The hospitality was excellent, refreshments provided and great work once again in time-keeping and refereeing.

Veve v Xana: Sept 2010 The Athletes

Adriana – Adriana was stronger and more controlled than I've seen her in the past, methodical and a thinking wrestler. The gritted-teeth fast and furious performances have been replaced by a calmer, tougher, even more technical style with great improvements in strategic aspects of wrestling.

Antscha – celebrating her birthday looked amazing as usual, her abdominal muscles are perfect, I asked her about her holiday because she also had a great tan. I've watched Antscha wrestle in numerous videos and have seen her live in Hungary and in London. Always great to see her live – a great athlete. She was really happy and surprised when her birthday was marked during the interval with the singing of "happy birthday" and "for she's a jolly good wrestler" and blowing out the candles on the birthday cake. Later that evening there was a meal out to celebrate Antscha's birthday.

Nikita – another great find by Monica's Wrestling Centre and what a debut performance in her first public match. Nikita has a great arsenal of techniques already and a very good knowledge of when to apply them – a great debut performance.

Orsi – Orsi told me before her match that she can beat Antscha in training and private matches but Antscha always gets her in the event matches – that was a good indicator that this would be an excellent match to kick off the event. Orsi has great defence, as we've seen before at Monica's events, very friendly person, super athlete, a big favourite with the fans.

Veve Lane – I met Veve just as we were walking the last 100m or so to MWC and she told me she was still on East Coast (USA) Time having just got off the plane! Veve is an excellent grappler, probably the best in her weight division. Her match against Jenny Sjoden at a previous event at Monica's remains the very best match I've ever seen .... but one of her matches at this current event was right up there and her other match was outstanding as well. She loves matches against the toughest opponents and is in perfect physical condition. She looks light until she starts wrestling and all of a sudden her biceps and back muscles become apparent – well toned athlete – very difficult to get her to submit, if there is the slightest chance she can escape she will wrestle on until she has escaped.

– like Orsi, Zszuza, Anita and Antscha, I have seen Viktoria in action in Hungary and here in UK. She is a very experienced wrestler who is rated as the best in Hungary by Bora who runs European Fight Club. A very skilful athlete, speaks perfect English and whoops most of the guys she takes on in sessions.

Xana – rated by Robin as "one of the best in her weight division in Europe if not the World". Xana has tremendous physique along with wrestling ability. She is a very analytical fighter as well; after one of her matches she was intensely studying the photos Jacques had taken of the bout with her camera. I love the outfit she wore in the match against Zahra. Xana always wears great fight attire just like the match against Lina in the June 2008 event.

Zahra – I was really impressed with Zahra at the previous event, her match against Athena the last time was a really tense and technical affair and I appreciated the real wrestling we were watching in that match. Zahra has definitely improved even from the high level she was at in the previous event. She did 3 matches at this current event on a tropical September afternoon in North London. I spoke to her briefly at the end of the event and she was tired after 54 minutes against some of the best opponents around .... but who wouldn't be tired after that – great performances.

Orsi controls Antscha The Matches

Orsi v Antscha
The great soccer commentator John Mottson would describe this as "a match that could have gone either way and almost did!" To use another soccer saying, this was a match of two halves and you'll see exactly what I mean when you watch the video. Some great moments of humour in the heat of battle as well – I loved the bit where Orsi's head and right arm are popping out from between Antscha's legs as she is stuck in a reverse head scissors and she can still wave to the cameraman!

Viktoria v Zahra
This was a very close match where Viktoria started very confidently and soon realised it was going to be harder than she had anticipated. Zahra's eyes were on fire as she totally focused for the full 18 minutes, looking for every opportunity in defence and attack, considering the risks involved and the chances of each option she had. I had actually said to the guy beside me that the Orsi/Antscha match would be a hard act to follow – but Viktoria and Zahra did match it keeping up a great standard of wrestling.

Adriana v Nikita
After her previous event match against Dynamo had been stopped due to injury to both athletes, it was great to see Adriana back in action. She was back in black and her opponent Nilita wore black as well. There was an early submission by one of the athletes and I thought the match might be one sided, but soon her opponent was right back in it and there were long periods (6 mins plus when all 3 rounds are considered together) of well matched grappling on the ground with no submissions being made by either athlete.

Veve v Xana
This was the first match after the interval. During the first round, Orsi said to me "they are killing each other!" and I speculated that they'd never be able to keep this pace up. However, there was no let up in the relentless pace these two athletes set.  This match is right up there with the Veve v Jenny Sjoden match. The main difference was that this match between Xana and Veve was more tense and aggressive with two proud determined athletes not wanting to lose. I would still say that the Jenny Veve match from Sept 2009 is the top match I've seen for no other reason than my jaw dropped at the start of the match and stayed dropped for the whole match! Today both Xana and Veve fought 100% and this was the match of the day in my mind.

Antscha v Zahra
After the interval Zahra took on Antscha in a battle that had blood, sweat but no tears. Every inch of the mats was used in this bout and the camera operator did a few miles keeping up with the action. They spent a little longer on their feet than some of the other bouts – but again I quite like this because Zahra is an athlete who will take a match to the floor but it will be on her terms if at all possible and that is real competitive wrestling. Antscha did get a small cut on the inside of her lip but this was "nothing" (her words not mine) and she ontinued. I would add that all of the athletes fought competitively in a safety conscious manner and Antscha exemplified this. She was on her side with Zahra on her feet about to come down into the pull mount position, as Antscha rolled into defensive position, one leg caught Zahra and Antscha just stopped everything thinking she caught Zahra in the face. Zahra confirmed everything was fine and they continued. I think her heel might have glanced off Zahra's shoulder – I would need to see this on the video to be sure. Great effort by both athletes.

Veve v Viktoria
This match was a contrast in styles with Veve's speed, flexibility and defensive ability coming up against Viktoria's size advantage, strength, power and offensive capability. It was fascinating to observe the action with some long periods of domination by one athlete being followed by turnarounds and the other athlete getting the upper hand. There were submissions and the key to this result was the closing out of the submissions. Veve's costume in this match was interesting! As one member of the audience put it "WTF?" Great match – think Veve has got over her jet lag after being woken up by 2 early morning matches for her. Recommended viewing on clips4sale.

Zahra v Xana
The final match of the day was between Zahra and Xana – another excellent contest and you would not know Zahra was in her third fight of the day until the last 3 or 4 minutes. She fought on right to the end and Xana did not benefit from Zahra tiring. The match went back and forth and one lucky spectator ended up with Zahra sitting on his lap ... and he paid the same admission fee as the rest of us!

All in all a brilliant event with 7 great matches. The next event is going to be on November 20th. Big thanks to everyone who made the event such a memorable one, especially the birthday girl Antscha and Monica.

Thanks!Jade over Monica

by pauler

Just wanted you to know: the new video Gi Combat - Jade v Monica is  just one of the best videos around on the net. The reason – less is more!

Among all the scripted and fake stuff,  it´s just so good to see the seriousness of two women competing in a fair and friendly way. Skilful and consequently, the atmosphere is calm, concentrated and intense.

In it´s own way, outstanding and very erotic.
Thanks for this direction. Can´t wait to see more!

orsi review Wrestling with Orsi

by Andrew

When the mat-room is busy, there's always an opportunity of bumping into other denizens of the wrestling scene, and it was very nice to meet young Dave (nom de plumage Daveyboy) clearly in high spirits after a strenuous bout with the charming Veve Lane. (I've now read the excellent review).

Two minutes later I had my first sight of Orsi. Famous at tournaments and now on the website she really needs little description. But here goes ... Curvaceous, with a caramel summer tan and faintly almond eyes (think Queen of Sheba), she is incredibly pretty, and initially I scanned her with concern in case there was some sign saying "To Be Looked At Only, and On No Account To Be Touched". But once in a bikini her muscles leapt about promisingly, and we were soon on the mat in wholesome but adhesive field manoeuvres.

She possesses a powerful bodyscissors, reisting which yields a joyful mixture of pleasure and pain, and her legs are perhaps her best weapons; I soon acknowledged this by tapping out of her elegant headscissors, and again a little later, with eyes like golfballs (me, not her) when she triumphed in our double scissors contest; her legs twined around me like vines, and when you are released it's good to appreciate the simple pleasures of breathing and blood circulation.

I notched up a couple of unmemorable points of my own, but in the second half of our struggle Orsi towered above me for a decisive SGP - she counts to ten for her pins, incidentally. I think at this point I probably resembled one of those gargoyles hanging off the Notre Dame gutters. She has beautiful biceps definition, rippling gently during our slower trials of strength, and her handgrip is crisp and firm. On the defensive side she has clearly developed great skill in slipping out of disadvantageous positions during the general rough-and-tumble. As a mat companion Orsi has a keen sense of humour, with a warm and resonant laugh which I might better describe as a chocolatey chuckle.

In case you hadn't twigged, therefore, I considered this a fantastic wrestle with a bewitching opponent who is blessed with attractions, grace and wit. Since the umpire (that would be me) deemed the result a score-draw, the only fair solution must be a rematch.

At the end of our session we were joined by the regal Antscha, awaiting her own customer anxiously; but since on my way out I passed a flustered-looking chap scurrying up the stairs I assume all worked out well.

Many thanks to Monica for making this session possible, and of course all my very best wishes to Orsi who is now settling in London to the great pleasure and good luck of many of us.

A Jade, Lina, Richard & Nik session

by Nik

linajadesox sess Well blue is today's colour as the sox RSP brought in were blue - i will send the pics i took and the video to you Richard soon for the yahoo gp. it was well nice to share the session with u, and the meal after with you and Jade.

Well to start we did tag, i started with Jade. She is strong and knows her way around the mat, and it was quite hard for either of us to get a sub, in fact any points against her i got were pins i think, and hers were subs normally involving her strong and shapely legs!!! during this tag, most of us tagged out when totally controlled, amid much laughter from the tagger inner and person requesting tag, and cries of horror and consternation from the tag victim!! i think only R made one sub in this first tag round to J's headscissors. If perchance u have not tried a tag match, gt fun, give it a go, and economical - u meet 2 girls, and only pay half the mat fee.

At some point we also tried 'all 4 on mat together' tons of room for that, or even when starting from knees, i went up against Lina next, OMG she is a toughie, took her down in a head lock and kept her there for ages despite much struggle, but after a while she said 'if u want a sub u gotta do more than that!' I never got a point off her - GRRRRRR!

Against Jade i find my pins work better than subs, i note when on top of her she does not easily give, and loves to use her legs to try and get u. i figure she is between 9.5 and 9.75 stone to my 10.5 aka 65 kg ish [X by 2.2]. she got me in a head scissor a no. of times, i escaped once or twice but at least once had to give - used to be a dancer, say no more!!! I also love the fact u love pins Jade, whilst i avoided your grapevine i did struggle in your smother, and may well have had to sub if i had not tagged R in!!

Some of the time we were swapping tips or L was training us [fig 4, guillotine, arm bar/escape from etc], and when with Jade she or i would just continue fighting after getting the hold on. i even managed to get an arm bar and a fig 4 to work for me - for the first time, though only during the training bit. Thanks Lina.

Then we did some wrestling with eyes shut at same time as trying to remove sox, R was the king here getting both of Jade's off, Lina got one of mine, and despite manful efforts i only got close to taking one of Lina's off, as i struggled with it she used her formidable scissors to get a sub off me. everyone else thought this was a crazy idea b4 we started,but after it started from the howls of laughter i figure folks were enjoying themselves.

Then R and I became donkeys [or in R's case, a stallion - he was 'the man' in this game and whether with Lina astride him or Jade, his team won – sorry girls, i woz pants!!  ... good fun though.

We must do another tag / games type thing soon, all the best!

A Session with Tyger

by Daveyboy jdm

tyger8 295 2 Had a shared session with B against Tyger on Thursday and I was well impressed. I had previous contact with Tyger about 3 years ago when I think she was relatively new to wrestling but because of her agility, flexibility, intelligence and attitude despite her relative small size, she had made some sort of impression with me.

B was already on the mats with Tyger when I arrived so I had a quick chat with Monica who I must say was looking pretty good after a break in the Caribbean. It's always good to see Monica as she is one of the friendliest people around and although we have not met since I joined the board and been down to her new studio she did recognise me from previous sessions.

B and Tyger were enjoying themselves on the mats with B resisting Tyger's attempts at armbars as much as he could and putting up a good performance. They were similar in size. I think she got a couple of submissions from B but when he reads this he will soon correct me if I'm wrong!

I had 2 twenty minute sessions. Tyger was definitely bigger and stronger from last time I met her but I must be still 50 % heavier than her at 14 stone. Most people know Tyger's personality.... always laughing and smiling even under pressure on the mats. My initial reaction was how hard it was to control her considering the difference in size. She is brilliant with her legs and feet. It may be me but she seems to use them more than her arms and hands. I am used to fighting females with good use of their legs but Tyger is exceptional.

I was wary of her use of them so was not surprised when she attacked or defended with her `lead ` or free leg. What I was sometimes not prepared was because of her flexibility the use of her second leg.

It took me about 15 mins before I got my first submission (key-lock) and I followed this up later with two arm-bar submissions. Because of my weight and strength I had a natural advantage but I frequently had to defend very vigorously either with me getting my legs between her and me or using my strength to turn/throw her when she was on top. She is an excellent wrestler and it baffles me that she has had no formal training but has picked it up from watching and participating in these mixed sessions.

I was a little bit sceptical when Jim (The Strangler) had reported two draws with her because of the difference in size but having sessioned with her I can understand Jim's predicament in facing her and and also appreciate Tyger's ability to match or beat much bigger decent male wrestlers.

She was still smiling and laughing as we left the studio ... she has a great personality ... and I've got to thank her for giving me such a good session and a very good work-out. Thanks also to Monica and to B for offering me the share of the session with him.

I gave Monica and B a lift back and we continued our chattering in the car.

A very enjoyable session with a lovely exceptional wrestler!

June Fighting Event

by PeterOD

Athena wrestles Zahra Just got back from London where I was at Monica's Flaming June Fighting Event yesterday. A multi-national line-up of athletes and a multi-national audience as well. It was a very hot day and the girls are in exceptional condition – I was having to take water and was just spectating!

The first match was a close one between Orsi and Tyger. Tyger was in great shape and had got her hair done and was smiling non-stop during her matches. Orsi's defence was amazing, there were so many times where I was sure Tyger had her, but she managed to find a way out.

The second match was a very tense affair between Zahra and Athena (see pic). Both of these magnificent athletes were so dangerous, that one false move going for the take down could advantage the opponent. It was one of those matches where you could not blink otherwise you could miss that critical moment that determined a point.

The third match was between Xana and Tyger. Xana's biceps are as strong as ever and she was wearing a leather lace-up top and matching leather pants – black – best you watch it on video rather than relying on my description though. Tyger was as flexible and mobile as ever but has definitely improved since the last time I saw her wrestle.

We then had a break and went outside to enjoy the refreshments laid on, while some filming was being done in the matted room – you'll hear all about the match that was filmed in due course. Kristie was sharing out the chips (crisps – but I ain't arguing with Kristie!!!)

The fourth match was Kristie v Athena – Athena was so focused from start to finish – she is a serious competitor – you could see the mental preparation during the warm up – Kristie was superb and shared some jokes with the audience during the match. Zahra was very attentive during this match as she would be up against Kristie later on – it was really impressive to see the girls learning from the other matches.

Orsi has seen Xana in action and came out of the changing rooms for her match with Xana announcing "OK I've just shit my pants". This was a great match and turned out much closer that Orsi would have led us to believe at the start – both of these athletes have continued to improve. Xana is very experienced but I can see the improvement still since a video she was in last year. I honestly think Orsi has a chance against Antscha on today's performances.

The final match of the day was Kristie v Zahra – Kristie was exceptional – she used her legs to grab the target area of her opponent the way most of us would use our arms. You really would not want your head within reach of her legs if you had her on her back. Zahra went for her holds and the contrast of styles was fascinating to watch.

After the main female v female matches, I stayed to help film some of the mixed matches for the guys – Tyger and Zahra were both in action – great to catch up with Tyger, Monica and Richard.

Unfortunately, Viktoria and Antscha could not make it due to industrial action affecting British Airways flights.

Afterwards I went to dinner with two of the visitors from Austria and Germany and it was great to chat about wrestling, football, wrestling, food, wrestling, the meaning of life and wrestling. I did not do a session the next day – I had been all set to session but decided not to – there were a number of reasons for this. I actually felt quite fatigued and tired after a lot of work and loss of sleep in the last week. Even on Sunday morning, even though I had not done any exercise on Saturday I felt wrecked. Also the girls had all improved so much that I would not have given them such a good match. I was glad that they were so busy getting sessions on their trip to London. So I did not feel quite so bad about not sessioning myself.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this such a great event for ourselves in the audience – great refereeing today as usual – great organisation – great matches – great hospitality – see you all in September at the next event!

Lina 11 – 1 Spidermouth

by PeterOD

lina 295 When I read that Lina was going to be at Monica's Wrestling Centre, I had to book a session. Hard to believe it has been nearly 2 years since the first match with Lina which I lost 16-0! I arrived just before 2pm, followed by Lina and Monica. Had a good chat with Monica and Lina while warming up and then it was time for action. Lina wore a turquoise bikini while I wore a green t-shirt and my Welsh Dragon shorts.

Round 1
Monica could only stay to watch the first point, but Lina made me submit in the first minute so actually Monica was able to stay for a bit of the second round as well! During the first round, Lina almost got me in a cross body scissors having already had me in a scissors while on her back – she got her right leg up over my left arm – but I managed to avoid submitting to this but shortly after I was on my back and Lina had my neck pushed back so I had to submit. 1-0 to Lina.

Round 2
We were starting each round on our feet and just like the first round, Lina pulled me down by the neck and had my neck isolated and I could not work my legs round to get a hold of her. My arms were just trying to protect against the neck hold. Somehow I struggled free, but then Lina near had me in a cross body pin. I managed to slip out from under her and got hold of her and we tussled for position with me ending up on top. Lina got her legs round my body for control rather than to apply the scissors, but then pulled my neck down hard with her hands and I had to submit. 2-0 to Lina.

Round 3
Lina was happy with me giving 100% and said "come on let's see what you've got". We went down side on, I tried to pull her into my body scissors but failed, I did however, manage to get up quick and sit on top of her but could not get any control of her arms to pin her or do anything else. I was feeling real strength in her arms and her biceps look great. She managed to dislodge me and force me onto my back and then she landed on me for a reverse face sit. I managed to look sideways to avoid suffocation but I could not escape. Lina then quickly moved into a reverse head scissors and I had to submit. 3-0 to Lina.

Round 4
Early in the fourth, I found myself in danger of being placed in a guillotine hold but managed to keep an arm in to relieve the pressure. I managed to slip my head out and pushed her onto her back. I'd captured one of her legs and whatever she was trying with her feet on my feet was not working. She managed to roll me onto my side, but I just kept the roll going until I was on top again. I near started laughing when she accidently tickled me, I told her I was ticklish but Lina did not take advantage of this, she wanted to beat me fair and square. Lina got back on top and had me pressed down good on the mats and then she twisted my arm above my head, stretching the shoulder rather than the elbow and I had to submit again. 4-0 to Lina.

Round 5
I managed to get one arm over the top of one of her arms as she went for me at the beginning of this round. We were holding tight on our feet and I had a solid stance to avoid being taken on Lina's terms. I asked "shall we dance?" I pulled her down and got half a body scissors on. When I managed to get my other leg round, Lina stood up and I thought she was going for a crab move so I grabbed her legs. She then twisted round which turned me on my front and I could sense she was attempting a leg lock so I pulled myself free and clear of her on the mats. We turned round faced each other and were straight back into it without a break. Lina was on her back but had my two arms trapped as I was looking down at her – my arms were locked straight on either side of her body and she was squeezing them in together to put pressure on both elbows. I held my arms slightly bent and stiff to resist Lina's efforts. But then she put on a body scissors and ouch it got me. 5-0 to Lina.

Round 6
The first 3 rounds had taken 20 mins but the next two rounds had lasted 25 mins, but that did not mean Lina was tiring. I was still having trouble getting her down and into the body scissors. We struggled hard on the ground in this round, Lina's legs are very strong and took a big effort for me to get her legs in between mine to work up to a body scissors. Then she was about to lift me up while I was scissoring her, so I grabbed her legs to prevent this. She forced my body away with her hands and broke free of the body scissors. She was on top of me in the full mount position and then came down to give herself options of grapevine, smother or neck hold among others. I crossed my legs hard to avoid being placed in a grapevine but Lina then went for an elbow lock. I thought I'd have to submit to this but held on and got my other arm into play to save the other. However, Lina very quickly swung into an arm bar position and I had to submit. 6-0 to Lina.

Round 7
I managed to get on top during this round had the full mount position on Lina. I beat my chest and asked her "who's the man?" She laughed and worked her arms under my legs which I thought would only cause me to trap her arms as well, but she managed to twist and turn and break out of the full mount I had on her. Lina tried to get the body scissors on, but it was much lower down than during round 5 so I survived it. I managed to get a hand back to pull her ankles apart and get out of the body scissors but Lina very quickly got my head and placed it in a triangle hold. I managed to keep this on my chin rather than my throat, but eventually it was too much and I had to submit. 7-0 to Lina.

Round 8
We took a water break before the start of round 8. Time was moving on and I was thinking maybe I could keep Lina under 10 rounds, but Lina quite openly told me that she would have to make it double figures. I knew by how quickly Lina took this round that it would be hard for me to prevent her from getting 10 or more rounds. It was a bear hug, while we were lying side on to each other on the mats. I did have my left arm in between her arms, but whatever way Lina applied the hold, my left arm was being bent over her arm and it was this rather than the squeezing of my body that caused me to submit. But just for good measure after I submitted, Lina applied the bear hug without my arm being in the way to get another submission, but she only counted it as one submission because we did not really restart properly after the first one. 8-0 to Lina.

Round 9
I think both Lina and myself are a lot fitter than April 2008 because neither of us was sweating anything like as much as we did 2 years ago. Lina had my left arm stretched and I managed to resist and fight on – I told Lina my personal trainer would be happy that I've been working on my flexibility! This round ended when Lina managed to pull my arm round my own neck stretching the shoulder and the elbow. She told me I was hugging myself! I did not really play an active part in this though! 9-0 to Lina.

Round 10
Lina was on top of me soon after we hit the mats for round 10 but I got my legs round her waist. I reached behind and flicked her pony tail threatening to mess her hair up. That was a bad idea because Lina took her hair band off and then held my arms down and leaned over so as I had a full lot of her blond hair in my face. I moved my head from side to side, but Lina followed so as I was nearly inhaling her hair! She said "if Monica could see you now, she'd be p!ssing herself laughing" Yes I believe Monica would have in stitches at this coz I was in real trouble trying to avoid Lina's hair. Eventually, Lina had me pressed against the mats so that my chest was constricted. She then went for a smother, but I was already short of breath and had to submit. Double figures 10-0 to Lina.

Round 11
I got Lina on her back and had the full mount on her. She struggled with her arms, but I got her left arm and then her right arm up above her head and went for an elbow lock. Lina submitted. It turned out that she had not put her hair band back on and her hair was trapped behind her own back on the mats and that was partially what made her submit. But they all count. I did not quite react the way Mutiny did when she got her first submission against Lina, but I can now understand Mutiny's reaction – it is very hard to get a submission against Lina and for me it has to be a career highlight. 10-1 to Lina.

Round 12
Time for one more round and I was doing really well in this round. I had Lina's back and was going for the reverse body scissors, nelson combo. As I did, Lina tried to get my feet with her ankles but I spotted this and avoided it by bringing my legs up higher. Lina rolled out of the position and got me face down on the floor. My arm was being stretched hard behind my back, I don't know whether it was her legs or arms or a combination that were doing this. I submitted and Lina told me it was one of her legs that worked my arm. 11-1 to Lina.

Had a chat with Lina after as we did a bit of post-match stretching. She is in great shape and my size advantage (155 lbs of Welsh beef) and months of 6 days a week solid training was not enough to make the match close. But I really enjoyed the match and am glad I took on this test, but I'll need to stay in this area of "the ladder" for a few months. I got a text from Monica predicting that Lina would win 9-3, not a bad guess. I thought I might hold her to a 4-0 win for her. Thanks for the match Lina and hope your other matches were just as good today.

Malicia 2 – 5 Spidermouth

by PeterOD

mal 295 Sitting in this meeting, all I can think is "Please God Let This END!". Mind blowing boredom, everyone trying to have their say – some more than others. I've shut up coz I want this meeting to end so as I can make tracks for Monica's Wrestling Centre. I take on a couple of extra actions that no-one-else wants to do just to move the agenda on – but I'm already getting into match mode – thinking about Malicia and the beating she gave me in January 2008 – a 20-1 thrashing – thinking about how I beat her in the return match in April 2009, what worked, what was not successful. Thinking of her strengths and my strengths, any weaknesses, what tactics will play to my strengths, avoid her strengths, exploit her weaknesses and avoid my weaknesses. Thank God this meeting ends – what a pointless waste of time that was – they could have just sent me an email with the decisions!

Getting to the tube, on the tube, changing trains, focusing on the match, thinking about how each round will start, don't want to get caught cold, want to be mentally alert and ready. I'm walking from the station to Monica's Wrestling Centre, anticipating the feeling of being locked in a battle of strength, will-power, skill and endurance with Malicia. Monica greets me at the studio, we are talking about wrestling and what has been happening at home and overseas in the wrestling world. Malicia enters and she looks fit and strong, exchanging a few words, we go to separate rooms to change. I'm changing into the same kit I used when Adriana beat me 7-0 and thinking I should have brought some other kit but this is no time to be getting superstitious. I step onto the mats and am stretching diligently. Malicia appears in her bikini and is stretching opposite me, I might be in a bit of trouble today.

Round 1
I'm asking "Shall we start on our knees?", Malicia responding "Yes, on the knees is good", I'm happy with this, we'll be on the mats and into serious grappling quicker this way. We're on our knees and squaring up for this, gradually moving towards each other. Grabbing hold of each other's arms, a battle of strength is commencing as we are trying to push and pull each other off balance. Malicia is driving me backwards and I'm going onto the mats, she is on top of me and I just about manage to get one of her legs with my legs. Monica is encouraging her "Go on Malicia, get him down". We are scrapping hard on the mats and I manage to roll her onto her side and try to impose my will, trying to get her on her back, pushing hard against the mats to get up and over. Malicia is determined to stop me and I feel her power, but with a surge of adrenalin I feel myself overpowering her and now I'm on top. She scissors one of my legs hard – ouch that is hurting, she has definitely developed this technique during that match with Viktoria. I push Malicia down flat on her back and her leg scissor does not have quite the same impact, I'm feeling good, I'm on top and feel strong today. I am working my leg free, Malicia struggling beneath me, her arms trying to get out of my grasp. Up I go into the full mount position, looking down at her and working my way into position for an elbow lock. Yes, this is the same move that worked against Dynamo last weekend, forcing Malicia's left arm flat on the mat above her head first, she speaks "OK I submit". The perfect start for me, a round in the bag. 1-0 to me.

Round 2
Back up on our knees, Malicia is swinging her arms slightly back and forward like she is about to pounce on me, just like my Welsh counterpart Raven does. I am alert and know she will go for my neck, I'm concentrating on Malicia to make sure I anticipate her move, Monica is laughing because of my facial expressions! I've seen the videos of myself and I've no idea I am making these faces until I watch myself on video. Despite my full concentration, Malicia has got my neck, she was just too fast, but I am placing one arm in between her arm's to relieve the pressure on my neck. We are still up on our knees and I am keeping one arm round behind her to control my balance and feel any sudden moves for a take down. I am pulling us down now as Malicia tries to re-adjust her arms, my neck is free, I'm on my back, but have pulled Malicia in close. Can't quite get the body scissors on her, she puts her forearm in my face, ouch that hurts, I turn my head sideways so as the forearm runs across my cheek bone, bigger surface area for the contact, not so much pressure, but she is pushing down harder, ooooch, I need both hands to take her forearm away. Monica watching me defend, seeing that I am able to take the rough moves and get on with it, I can fend off the attacks. Now that Malicia's forearm is out of my face, I am picking up the pace and twisting and turning with my legs and body, struggling hard and using my arms to keep her from getting a neck hold. She is trying a leg scissors as we roll side on, I force her on to her back and then we roll a little too far and we are side on again tussling for position. Malicia looking determined and trying to impose herself on this round, but it is anyone's round and I will not let her beat me through aggression or psychology, this is a physical contest, man against woman. I am back up on top and have the full mount. I look down, trying not to let the large drops of sweat from my forehead land on Malicia. I use my t-shirt to wipe my face, can't believe how much I am sweating. Malicia's arms and head trapped between my knees, I am beating my chest like King Kong, I go for the elbow lock and Malicia submits – it is 2-0 to me.

Round 3
This is a much better start than I expected but I need to keep this up and get a winning lead. Last time we fought, I was 5-0 up before Malicia pulled it back to 6-3. Even the users of the Mixed Wrestling Wales group have noticed that I win early rounds against Raven and she wins late rounds against me. In case my endurance is lacking, it is critical to win as many early rounds as I can. Malicia and I re-engage on our knees, I lean into her and force her down on her back, but I've suddenly slipped and her arms are going for the guillotine hold. Damn. My head is stuck in the guillotine, but I keep her arms on my chin rather than throat. My sweat makes my head slippy and I try to work it out. My head is partially out, but I feel her squeezing my head with her arms, right on my cheek bone, I'm wondering if I pull my head out any further will my eye pop out of it's socket, maybe I am just imagining she is squeezing this hard, I use my arms to try and prize her arms open, if I can just open up the circumference of her grip one centimetre, I can get my head out just enough that it will come out all the way. It's coming, it's coming, it's out and I go straight for the school boy pin, and before I even start to count, Malicia gives in. It's 3-0 to me. Malicia tells me that she submitted to save energy, I can see that this was probably her best option as once I was on top she would not have got out no matter how much she struggled.

Round 4
We are 30 minutes into the match. OK Malicia, let's see how much energy you have saved and let's see what you can do with it. She is steaming into me and I'm flat on my back. Our legs are tangled up but I cannot roll her off me to the left or the right, I am trying with all my strength but she has me pinned to the mats. Monica is cheering her on now and she is well motivated and in a dominant position. I'm 3-0 up so time is on my side, I'm not going to tap, I'm going to use the clock up, as much as I can. Malicia puts her arms around my neck and pulls herself up so as her chest is on top of my face. She presses her breast bone into my nose bone, hard, fast, no time to resist the move, I tap and she releases me. 3-1 to me. I am picking up a towel and checking I don't have a nose bleed. All is well, but she got me in that last round. When Malicia beat me 20-1 in our first match, this was one of the moves she got me with.

Round 5
Back on our knees, Malicia is saying "come closer", I'm quite close enough thank you! I edge closer and she moves towards me, we lock arms, she quickly flicks my arms off but I grab her again. She flings an arm around my neck. We are down on the mats but I have Malicia on her back. She pulls my hand under her arm pit and then locks my elbow up with her arm, nice move. I'm slightly bending my arm and holding it in that position isometrically to protect it. She grabs my shorts with her other hand and tries to do a wedgie on me – ha she missed – went one side rather than up the middle – the male readers know what I'm talking about, right! I pull my arm free and have her on her back, I'm going for the grapevine but she has her legs crossed tight. Now I'm going for the pin and again Malicia submits – its 4-1 and I'm sensing victory!

Round 6
I've been trying to wear Malicia down, but she is still full of fight and coming at me. She goes for my neck, but I'm going for her neck too. Pulling our heads close together, we are growling like wild animals, plenty of aggression on both sides, this is what I come to MWC for, a damned good scrap! I push her onto her back but she is pulling my head down and she now has me in a guard with her legs. I pull my head clear, she reaches up, I push her back down again. Then her right leg gets over my left arm and she has me in a cross body scissors. I plant one foot on the ground and then the other. Standing crouched, pulling myself up to loosen the scissors, its loosening, I'm free. She dislodges one of my legs from the mat and I fall, she is coming after me, I roll backwards to escape, but she is on me. We are up against the matted wall, I am on my back and feel the point of Malicia's left elbow in the side of my neck. I stiffen my neck, looking across at Monica, she senses Malicia has me, my eyes are almost watering with the pain, Malicia wants me to give in "come on, I'm on your spine", I submit and its 4-2.

Round 7
We've time for one more round so I've won the match, but want to show to myself I can still get rounds late on. I go in fast and determined and Malicia is on her back. I'm in the mount position, but pull her up, slip one leg under, great I have her in my body scissors. Malicia is digging her elbows into my thighs to get out of this, ouch that is hurting. I grab her round the back of her head and pull her towards me, she needs to use her arms to stop me, her elbows are out of my thighs, good. My scissors is not working, I sit up into the full mount position and pin her arms to the side of her head, she gives, 5-2 to me, the match ends.

Monica makes us a cup of tea, tastes like the best thing in the world right now. Good shower. I say my good bye to Malicia who is off home. Monica and I head for the train, Great chat about the match and the June 5th event, I'll be there. Glad I'm on the train tonight back to Cardiff, on work expenses, quicker than the bus, car waiting for me at the station, I'm absolutely knackered writing up this report on the train, Malicia was very strong, this goes down as a good win. Definitely have a sore neck, maybe I should have submitted earlier in the 6th round. I'll send this report to the yahoo group as soon as I'm in the door, but then it will be straight to bed!

 Wrestling with Amber

by Andrew

amber review I read recently that around the year 65 there existed a gladiatorial arena at what is now the Guildhall in the City, with evidence suggesting that this included female and maybe mixed combat. I guess this would make it the earliest studio in the country and therefore a good answer to Life of Brian's question "What did the Romans ever do for us?" The female participants are unlikely to have been the Roman ladies themselves - they, after all, were the toffs, or at least the WAGs - and were probably drawn from the British tribes of southern England, who were famous for extravagant artwork, hair of bright gold, incredible body tattoos, and muscular aggression - beautiful, wild and savage.

Just like Amber, in fact.

She-of-the-Incredible-Tattoos, aside from wrestling, is also a talented circus performer, and currently in training as a contortionist. Like the Celtic ladies above, she also hails from the south coast, and if you are in any doubt about this, you should examine the tattoos on her feet - "south" on the one, and "coast" on the other, with suitable illustrations.

Soon we were two strangers locked in our bubble of combat, and I was surprised at Amber's athletically wiry strength radiating from her relatively slight frame. My own strong point, as usual, was a weight advantage. I took an early lead with a chokehold submission, but she equalised as we tied up in a double scissors, prising my toes apart with her eager fingers, and twisting till I yelled. She almost immediately took the lead with a head-scissors from a similar position, but I discovered in the nick of time that her shapely feet are also highly ticklish.

Later she scored what I think was the only other point with a front-on headlock (I think - what a woolly review!) I'm sure she won, 'cos she grinned so much.

Amber has a modulated, almost gentle voice, but in the main we wrestled in an intense silence apart from the odd gasp and groan. I much prefer this, as I think it creates more of an atmosphere, reserving chat for the occasional breaks. I'm sure that A. ups the decibels for customers who like trashtalk.

Neither of us could manage a pin - she was too slippery for me, and I was too heavy for her, and we spent much of the session in multiple trials of strength, which I always enjoy, and which Amber describes as physical chess. Amber is a sensitive and interesting person and it was my privilege to spend time rolling and grappling with her - a fun and satisfying experience which I would recommend to anyone in need of a lively and boisterous tussle.

Wrestling with Jenny Sjödin

by Andrew

To see Jenny Sjodin's Domination Wrestling, click HERE I am not normally given to constucting fantasies around sessions, but this was an exception. Despite her proudly Swedish origins, Jenny, with her skimmed-milk complexion, raven hair, and prominent Fempower arm tattoo, looked every inch a Celtic warrior-queen from days when women routinely competed with men as equals in trials of physical strength.

The analogy proved relevant as Jenny proceeded to dismantle me with an efficiency that would scare the fur off a cat.

We are, of course, what we eat, so I should have spotted rapids ahead as J. sipped at her special energy-giving potion before the start - a sharp contast with self, who can be summarised briefly as a smorgasbord of seasonal comfort food.

Jenny's technical skills are honed by almost daily practise of wrestling or bjj, giving her an autopilot response to pretty much every situation, with a speed that made my own movements look waterlogged. She piled up a hatful of points principally with jointlocks and chokes. I resisted as stoutly as I could - as my sore muscles stll attest - but I soon realised that my chances of extracting any submissions from J. in return were about as likely as getting wool off a tortoise, so in response I formed the cunning plan of trying to clog her movement with simple tight grips.

It failed.

Seeing Jenny grab me in a headlock and pull me down on top of her (being on top of her is certainly not a control position) was, I think, rather like watching an alligator snatch a deer off dry land - a smooth action accomplished in a single movement. She remains beautifully balanced in the crush and crisis of combat, possessing, like other Scandinavians I know, her own bodyweight in cool common sense.Her speed is what I remember most though, and on the few occasions that I was able to disrupt her intent, she snapped into Plan B with the urgency of a wolf that's just seen lunch trying to climb a tree out of reach.

When not in combat Jenny has a rather shy, thoughtful manner with a sweet smile that pops out like a spring flower.One of her most endearing habits is the the civilised and friendly handshaking before and after each point, of which there were too many to log. She is delightful company, and I must thank her for making the session so interesting and fun. For anyone who prefers a top class competitive opponent Jenny is an absolute "must-wrestle".

Towards the end of our time she gave me a demonstration of leglocks at my request, and the session ended with a final grapple and a sweaty hug.

Super Event: 26 September!

by PeterOD

Standing: Maggie, Lina, Jenny, Robin, Kassidy, Monica, Viktoria, Anita. Kneeling: Athena, Mutiny, Zsuzsa, VeVe. Wow what a weekend !

I arrived to find Monica's Wrestling Centre absolutely packed! So I used my spider powers to swing over the audience and get the best seat in the house. It was incredible! The audience came from as far a field as Exeter, Newcastle, Greece and Australia! The event was of such a high standard that top session wrestlers Kassidy, Tyger, Athena, Maggie Jennings and Viktoria were there to watch. Filming was being done for three different groups including Monica's, Robin's and FemaleWrestlingZone. It was really funny during the first match when the MWC's cameraman looked up from the viewer of his camera wondering who the **** is that in the audience with the Spider-Man outfit on; OK I'm not as famous as I thought - but enough about me - what an event!!!! What a line up - Robin, Lina, Mutiny, Anita, Veve, Jenny and Zsuzsa competing in 7 great matches. All matches were 3 rounds of 6 minutes with submissions deciding the outcome.

The first match was between Mutiny and Zsuzsa. Zsuzsa stepped on to the mats and started stretching to warm up for her match but also to get used to the audience. I've been used to seeing pictures and videos of Mutiny as a blonde - but she looks fantastic with dark hair as well. This was a great tussle with both athletes trying hard to get holds and being frustrated when the opponent escaped after a lot of effort had gone into applying the hold - each point, each round. Zsuzsa was getting advice from Viktoria ..... I'm pretty sure "sorry" is Hungarian for "squeeze" ..... yes, there were body scissor attempts and neck holds in this match. I loved Mutiny's reaction to the advice Zsuzsa was getting; "that's one language I don't understand!".

Second match was Robin v Lina; Lina looked very fit indeed and was clearly in tip-top condition. Robin looked very strong and her legs in particular looked like they could do a lot of damage in scissors moves. This was an excellent technical bout with superb defence by both athletes with each gaining submissions; the athleticism of the both wrestlers was amazing; both had clearly trained very hard for this match and much of what was said in the pre-match predictions by several posters on this group was absolutely right- it was so close and both athletes were fantastic. What a class act Robin is, she shook hands with everyone in the audience and thanked them for coming; we also thank Robin and Lina too, because there are some martial arts where athletes duck opponents, but Robin and Lina have never ducked any one and went head to head on camera and in front of a live audience - it was a privilege to watch the match.

Sweden and USA have always produced great sporting contests ever since the days of Borg and McEnroe's rivalry in tennis. Robin and Lina continued this tradition but then came the match of the day and it blew everyone away, Jenny and Veve. After the first 3 minutes, I really thought they would never be able to keep this pace up for 18 minutes, but they went on and on and on - reversal after reversal, as an athlete went down, they were straight into the escape move and there was no let up in the pace or intensity from start to finish - this is the MUST SEE match. I was in the audience, but I have to order this as a download as well - it was so good.

The fourth match was an all Hungarian contest between Anita and Zsuzsa, my athlete of the day was Anita because she had come in as a replacement for Reni and she competed in 3 tough matches giving it 100% for all 9 rounds. These two athletes were locked into a good struggle and it was much closer than I thought it would be. After this match, I'd seen all 7 athletes at least once and I made my mind up to session with Zsuzsa the next day - but that will be in a later post.

There was a break after this match and Monica had got the supplies of pizza, sausages, sausage rolls, cocktail chicken etc in and the plates circulated around the audience and the girls were chatting with the guys - Mutiny had a crowd of half a dozen admirers around her everywhere she went! It was great to chat to Athena and Robin again.

Anita was straight back on after the break against Jenny - two strong athletes. Anita was making a really determined effort in this match especially when applying holds - Jenny was very resistant and things were really tough on the mats - great sportswomen, they shook hands after every fall and at the beginning of each round, but once the battle was on it was fully on, what a find Jenny has been. We'll be hearing a lot more about her very soon.

The 6th match of the day was between Lina and Mutiny. Mutiny was wearing an amazing bikini in Quebec Blue with white Fleur De Lis. She looked fantastic. Mutiny is not only a great wrestler but a great entertainer as well. When Kelly Holmes won the Olympic 800m in Athens 2004, she crossed the line, opened her eyes and then there was a sudden look of amazement as she realised that she might have won the race. Mutiny had a moment just like this against Lina when she made Lina submit with a head scissors - as Lina tapped, Mutiny's jaw dropped, eyes went wide open and she threw her arms round Lina with delight - speaking as someone who has taken on Lina and not got a point, I can understand the sense of achievement Mutiny must have felt - great achievement. Good luck to Mutiny on the remainder of her European tour.

The final match of the day was between Veve and Anita - this was a match of blood, sweat - but no tears, these are tough girls. Veve had a small cut under one ear that had been recurring over the week and it just needed to be treated in the middle of the match. Both athletes gave their all to the very end and there were some brilliantly executed arm locks. This was a really gutsy effort from Anita in her third match of the event.

It was great to catch up with many old and new friends afterwards as the mixed matches were on; we ended up in a great Vietnamese restaurant. I really enjoyed talking to Kassidy and the guys who were there - as I got to know them it made me realise how much talent was in the restaurant that night from great athletes who are also in business, to the guys who have achieved great things in their own careers. No one can tell me there is anything wrong with the people who do session wrestling ...

Last night (Sunday) we all met up at a Thai restaurant - they know all the best places - Jenny and I were both travelling back to Viktoria Bus station (renamed after a fine Hungarian athlete) and I had a great chat with her about her future plans in wrestling and martial arts and my own enjoyment of wrestling. 

Love the t-shirt Monica !!!!

Mixed training at MWC!

by PeterOD

training 2There was talk on Monica's Yahoo Group some time back about possible training at MWC. Well today it happened with a joint training day for the athletes and four guys including myself. Jet conducted the session with Monica, other athletes who were there were Dynamo, Tyger and Lightning (who has done some training with Dynamo and came to check out what it was all about). For myself, this was such a great opportunity because I train very hard to be physically fit for the matches I do, but the technical/tactical stuff is not there and it has been a big gaping hole in my preparation. I've looked at videos of myself in action to try and identify where I lose matches and what I can do about it. I've also looked at videos of successful athletes competing to see what tactics they use and what they do in different situations. However, while this video analysis is useful, I'm not a coach and so training under the guidance of experts with practical drills on the mats would be much better.

The day started with my train journey into Paddington where I met up with Dynamo and Lightning and we travelled together up to Monica's Wrestling Centre, getting some snacks, water, etc for later on the way. When we arrived at Monica's Wrestling Centre, we met the others and for me it was my first time in the new Monica's Wrestling Centre – it is in the same building but a bigger unit with separate kitchen area, separate bathroom and toilet. The kitchen was fully utilised with fridge, freezer, oven, kettle, everything you could need. Monica's Wrestling Centre was the best venue in London before, but the best has just got even better.

Derek and Nik had provided Jet and Monica with a list of things we wanted to learn and I was happy to go with their suggestions as whatever we did would be new for me. First up was how to get out of a school girl pin while your opponent has the full mount position. Jet and Richard demonstrated what to do, going through it slowly, step by step, showing us how to make the opponent's base unstable and then rolling them off. The full steps involved are ingeniously simple, but I'm not going to explain them because you'll just have to take the highly recommended training on offer yourselves. Once the move had been demonstrated and we were able to clarify elements of it, we all paired up and tried it out with Monica, Jet and Richard chipping in with advice while we were doing it. This was really useful as they were able to correct our technique and give us the necessary pointers to help us remember how to do it right. Being able to watch other pairs trying the technique and hearing the advice they were getting was also very useful to help reinforce what we were learning. Jet has a way of helping her pupils learn – "I hope you've been listening Spider-Mouth – because if you get this wrong, I'm going to punch you!" That got my attention.

The next move we learned was how to escape from the BS. We were actually shown two different ways of doing this and then paired up to try each. This was really good because my previous methods of trying to get out of body scissors during matches were really ineffective. It was interesting to see how the escape movers varied depending on whether the contestants were of similar sizes or if the athlete applying the body scissors was shorter or taller than the athlete trying to escape. I must admit I was a bit tentative about some parts of the move and wanted to make sure I was doing them right and was not hurting my opponent – it was reassuring to know that doing it the way we were told was not only the most effective, but was also the least risky in terms of injury risk to the opponent. Every part of the techniques we were being taught were important; getting all 4 parts of a technique right made such a difference to getting 3 out of 4 parts right.

Next up was the side body scissors and how we escape from it. This was fun, I paired up with Monica to try and escape her side body scissors – easier said than done even when you know what to do! It was good to know that the athletes were learning things as well during the training and even Monica said she had learned new things as well.

I told everyone that I had successfully escaped from a figure 4 head scissors in one of my matches at European Fight Club. Tyger was straight in there "did you indeed – let us see how" and she proceeded to put me in a figure 4 head scissors that I could not get out of – but I did lift her clean off the ground before I had to submit. OK – how not to escape from the figure 4 head scissors had been expertly demonstrated by myself, so it was now the turn of Jet and Monica to show how to do it with a much better chance of success. Not content with shooting my big mouth off once (they don't call me Spider-Mouth for nothing!), I said the way out of a headlock was to get my arm in-between my opponent's two arms to prize myself out. Bad move! Monica put a head lock on me and asked me to "get out of that then!" The head lock did not leave any gaps for me to get my arm in and I was soon on the ground trying to find another way out ... I found a way ... submit. OK – now it was time for the experts to show us how it is done. Monica asked Richard to put a head lock on her and then BLAM Richard ends up on the mats and is almost in a reverse HS from Monica! They demonstrated the move again slowly so as we could pick up the various steps involved and then we paired up to try it ourselves. Nik and Jet paired up, then Dynamo and Lightning, then Tyger and Derek and then Dynamo and myself. It is fair to say that Dynamo picked it up better than I did.

We then had a bit of an interval for some snacks and I put on my Spider-Mouth costume for some photos – Richard took the shots and you'll see them on the website soon. We also took a shot of all 3 guys with Dynamo, Monica and Jet as a photo of about the training session. Jet lifted me clean off the ground and over her head in one photo, so I did the same to her for another! Tyger and Jet were amused that I had brought along some Spiderman cups and Spiderman plates for the snacks – amazing what you can pick up in Tescos these days.

After the photo shoot, it was back to training and how to escape from an oncoming arm bar. There were several pre-requisite conditions for this move to avoid certain positions and then the escape attempt would have a better chance of working. Tyger and Richard demonstrated followed by Jet and Monica and then we all had a go. One thing I must say is that you do need certain fitness levels and flexibility and strength in the right places to be able to perform these moves. I found myself knowing what I was trying to do but physically not being able to sustain the effort to get a particular roll done when facing the resistance of an opponent. However, this is very useful because I know what I need to be able to do, I know how to do, and I also now know what areas of strength and flexibility I need to work on in the gym in order to allow me to perform the move. So my conditioning training will become more event specific whereas it is just general strength and conditioning before.

Next up was escaping from the cross body pin demonstrated by Tyger as she easily got away from Nik's cross body pin. Richard interjected at this point because there was an alternative way of applying the cross body pin to make it harder to get out of. Tyger admitted she was having difficulty getting out of this one against Richard, but she is a determined athlete and was soon working her way to break free. When Tyger and Derek tried it, Tyger was not content just getting out of the cross body pin, she went for a reversal, but Derek fought back – great we all just sat back, let them at it and enjoyed watching!

Now it was time for some attack moves – specifically opportunities where quick submissions could be obtained when the opponent is on their back. Some of them were so simple and there have been so many times in the past where I could have applied them but did not know the move. We tried this and it was really effective – there seemed to be little the opponent could do to avoid being submitted in this situation. I suggested Tyger could get out of this move with her flexibility – she gave it a try and did escape, but not the way that I thought she would – she had another technique up her sleeve for doing this!

When Monica was demonstrating one of the moves on Derek, Jet said "don't worry, he has a high pain threshold" – there were loads of laughs during the training session. The girls discovered I was ticklish and I had four of them on me at once so as I could not escape. After the training, it was time to put what we had learned into action. This would be Lightning's first experience of mixed wrestling so first up it was Dynamo and myself hitting the mats and then Jet and Nik. Dynamo has got very strong recently, much stronger than before and I've never beaten her, so I will have to train even harder now. She has been doing weight training and is in superb condition and she took me on this time with a greater determination than I've seen in her before, there was no laughing this time, we were putting our newly discovered techniques into practice on the mats. It was actually so intense that some of the moves I'd just been taught were not used until one of the others watching called out the move to try. Soon I'll have to put all this into practice in a full session to see how I do. Nik and Jet was brilliant to watch, some excellent attempts to gain submissions and some excellent defence to counter these moves from both athletes. Then Lightning took me on in a round and although I escaped from her arm bar and her school girl pin, I had no answer to her head scissors – she took the round well. Then it was Tyger against Derek and what a classic that was – Tyger as usual with a smile on her face throughout doing some expert reversals but Derek escaped from a couple of them before finally submitting – there was a spontaneous round of applause for both athletes from the rest of us.

It was great before, during and afterwards to be able to talk to Derek and Nik who are guys like myself who do session wrestling, brilliant to chat to the athletes over a cup of tea. Lots is happening at Monica's Wrestling Studio and this training session was an excellent idea and there is so much for me still to learn so hopefully, there will be more of these that we can arrange in groups. The male v male wrestling is welcome at the Centre and there is an event coming up in September and so many athletes for us to session with. Look out, the newly trained Spider-Mouth will be back soon!

Session with Adriana

by PeterOD

Adriana review It's 12 noon on Friday 17th and I've changed into my wrestling shorts and start to stretch on the mats at Monica's Wrestling Studio, feeling much better than an hour ago – the 35 min walk up from the hotel has got rid of the stiffness in my legs and left shoulder that resulted from last night's fight with Malicia.

The bathroom door opens and my opponent, Adriana, walks in smiling, confident and starts stretching and loosening up. She's wearing a one-piece black bikini outfit, except it's not a bikini – it's almost velvet with subtle stokes of dark grey going across it. She's looking fit but I can't see any problems today, not after I got back to winning ways last night against a very tough opponent. She's looking at me from her side of the mat, sizing me up while she stretches. It is almost as though we naturally chose our corners of the fight area. I can't keep my eyes off her, and am already anticipating what it will be like when we get to grips in the intense battle that we'll soon be waging. She struts towards me and says "I'm ready to start if you are", I reply "OK – I'm ready".

Round 1
We circle each other getting close, quick hand movements, she's checking my reactions to check if she can launch into me without fear of being taken down in a counter move. I can see she is thinking intensely, every move I make, every positional decision, every hand movement is being studied, probing for my weaknesses and noting my strengths. We grab each other's arms and then she throws her right arm around my neck, tries to throw me over her right leg, but I'm quick enough to move my left leg around so it will be me pulling her down. We're on the mats now and I'm on top but she has the flexibility to put one leg round my neck and the other gets my chest. She's going for a figure four head lock, I must keep my arm in between her legs to protect my neck. She's a determined little fighter and I'm not free yet, she's clinging on to this with all her might, but I have the strength to break free, moving up her body but she grabs my neck and is pulling down hard. She's strong but I get an arm in between her neck hold and when she ties to reapply, I get her arms and pin her. She submits without me counting, 1-0 to me but the first round was taxing and has consumed precious energy I'll need later in the fight.

Round 2
She springs up to her feet and starts dancing side to side. I'm getting to my feet a little more slowly, but a quick flex of my shoulder and everything is in orking order. She throws her arms around my neck and I can feel it, having to stand semi-crouched to alleviate the pain in my neck, she pulls hard but I've got her body to steady the takedown if it comes. I pull myself up straight and she tries to pull me down, but I've got her back, pull her down now and she's in my body scissors, as I lie on my back, her hair fills my face but she turns around and looks down at me, a flick of her neck and her hair is tossed behind her head. I squeeze with the scissors and ask "are you ok?". She's ok , she's very ok! She stands up, walks forward to try a crab move, but my back is already sweating enough that I slide backwards across the mats. She takes my hands and pulls me up towards her, I'm still scissoring her, but now she's standing, looking into my eyes and I'm clean off the ground by 2 feet. She asks "Are YOU OK?". I tell her I am and boom, she drops me on my back, breaks free of my body scissors and dives on top of me. This is a hard grappling effort, she's got my neck, holding on, holding on, must hold on, no, no, don't give in get out of this, just find a way to get out, "I give!" Its 1-1.

Round 3
We've spent long enough dancing on our feet, she does not want to dance, and neither do I, we're here to fight so lets get this down on the mats and scrap it out. She kicks hard at my calf muscle with her heel to try and dislodge my planed leg, it won't move. I'm just a little worried that if her ankle bone strikes my ankle bone, the pain will be excruciating for both of us, I explain, she gets it. She leans at an angle pushing me back in a test of strength, must hold my ground, I have to take a quick step back to try and get some leverage to push back, I'm only just holding my ground, what's the matter with me, I decide to trick her, let her push and move out of the way, it works! Pulling her side on to the ground, we hook are legs together and tussle for position, I force her on her back. Ouch, body scissors, how did she do that, oooooch my ribs, don't submit, let's see how strong her legs are, try to stand up, can't. She's queezing the life out of my lower body, no more, I tap. She's 2-1 up.

Round 4
She says "lets start kneeling down", good call, we want to get on the mats and fight, that's what we want, its too much of a stalemate chess match come dancing situation when we've been starting on our feet. I can see in her eyes she is well up for the challenge. Straight into each other and onto the mats, it's fast and furious, she's trying to impose her will on me, I'll show her who's boss, the adrenalin is flowing through me and her face tightens up and she grits her teeth with determination. She's scissoring me. I stand up, give her some of her own treatment, she grabs my neck … hard … harder …. Tight with the scissors as well, I won't drop her, down on one knee, down the rest of the way, she's on her back pulling the neck hard, body scissors not in the right place, does not matter, the neck hold is doing it. I tap, 3-1 to Adriana.

Round 5
As I'm taking some water and towelling down, I look across at my opponent, where does her strength come from? It's getting hot, I open the window, a bit of a stretch, down on my knees, my let knee cap is not feeling so good, did something happen today or yesterday to do that? She kneels down in front of me and we move to the centre of the mats, we're grabbing each other, onto the mats we go, legs looking for position, arms trying to attack without neglecting defence, this is a mental and physical battle, the ultimate verification of my existence, I feel pain, I exist, I'm living, its not the illusion I always wondered about. I force her on her back and get her bent arms above her head, she looks up at me, looks away, she knows I can read her eyes, knows that I know she's not getting out of this, her right hand taps the mat twice, my round, 2-3, she accepts my hands to help her up.

Round 6
Fast and aggressive, Adriana launches her attack, she's not happy she lost the last round, she's wanting to prove a point, well come one then, show me what you can do, she sends me onto my back with her on top and we slide across the mats, my shoulders are off the mats and my head is almost touching the wall. But we don't want to break off and start again in the middle of the mats, this is so intense, it's too good, we just want to keep this feeling going, the contest for control, the feeling of each other's strength and power. This position is too awkward, there really is no escape, she has me, I submit and am 2-4 down.

Round 7
This is a critical time in the fight, can't go three rounds down now, she rolls me onto my back, I get the arm round her back to move her off as she grabs my neck. I just have to take the neck hold as I need my arms to dislodge her, a mighty effort, she budges, I pile on the momentum and roll her on her side, I am on top but not directly above her. The sweat is pouring out of me as I work hard to keep Adriana where she is, but she struggles hard and ceaselessly, big drops of sweat explode on the mats, I keep myself slightly to the left so as the sweat does not dip on my opponent, I get the full mount and prize my neck away from her arms, I've got her, just like in round 5 her arms are down on the ground with her forearms bent above her head, I could almost hold them both down with one hand, but no risks, her shoulders are flat on the mat, I start to count "1, 2, …" she gives me it before the count completes. I'm trailing by 3-4.

Round 8
I dry myself with a towel, sweat re-appears on my body almost immediately, I take some water and so does Adriana. She gets down on her knees as I do and I put my arms out wide as if to say to her, "Come on, I'm wide open, I'm not scared, I can take your best moves, come on, launch that attack". I don't say this, but my body language is enough of a taunt, she's taunting me back, "What are you a bird, do you think you can fly", I'm replying "I''m not a bird, …., I'm not a plane, ….." she can see where this is going and interrupts me "Well you're not Superman either". Enough of the trash talk, we're stuck into a real grappling match now and I'm right on top of her, yes, the grapevine is on, hook the feet around her ankles, ooooooooh is it just my legs that are feeling that, she is tough, we're in a hot sweaty clutch with one of my legs still hooked around one ankle, I apply the pressure, she takes it, but she can't get me off and taps, we're all square. 4-4.

Round 9
OK, this is the business end and I must keep my focus on the job and take this round, in she comes, she grabs, me I'm breaking clear, retreating, but she is on me again too fast, I take us down side on the mats, at the edge of the mats, I pulls us towards the middle. She gets behind me and grabs my chin, locks her arm around my chin, at least she's not on my throat, but my jaw feels like it break, I intervene with an arm. I break clear, back up on my knees, she stands up with bent legs, keeps her centre of gravity low as she takes hold of me again, I grab her leg, off balance she goes down, I get on top. My arm is around her back, don't want my hand digging into her back, I pull it away, she grabs my neck pulls me down towards her, she sticks her chin hard into my cheek and I'm feeling it, she wants this round so bad, but so do I. I get her left arm down, she has her right all the way round the back of my neck grabbing the other side, I pull it clear, her hand slips, feeling the nails scrape across the back of my neck. She did not mean that and she eases off all effort and asks me "Are you OK? My hand slipped", I'm fine, I've got the full mount position but suggest we restart on our knees. We lock into each other again and its so intense, but now I've got her back in the full mount, chest puffed out looking down at her, she tries to get her ankles up to pull me down by the shoulders, not quite Adriana, I lean forward, that won't work again, she submits and I'm back in the lead. 5-4 to me.

Round 10
She knows time is running out, but is happy to spend some time listening to my taunting as we face each other on our knees, "I've a big surprise for you in the next round". She replies, "I like surprises, but it takes a lot to impress me!", I tell her I'll see what I can do, but for now we are in round 10. She comes at me so hard I go onto my back and my sweat makes me slide backwards, she is on top and is trying a grapevine, I'm struggling to unhook her legs. Ooooomph all goes black, as she pulls my face into her chest and now pressing down hard she is smothering me, sticking her chin into top of my head, hard, for good measure. My hands are wandering, nothing to grab hold of round her back, feeling the oxygen debt, can's see anything, I give. It's 5-5 going into the 11th and final round.

Round 11
I want to surprise her, pulling out my Spiderman costume from my kit bag and slipping my legs in, he whole face relaxes and she is laughing, cheeks rounding, I can see in her eyes she did not expect this. I put my mask on and she asks if she can take a photo, no problems, she's pointing her phone and taking my best modelling poses. Puts the phone away, she dances onto the mats full of enthusiasm for the big last round. Adriana v Spiderman. I start singing "Spiderman! Spiderman! Does anything Adriana can!". We clean forget to start the round on our knees and we're going for it. I'm feeling a new lease of life in my opponent, like after 55 minutes of hard wrestling action she has more and more energy to pour into the fight. We're on the mats now. She's got my neck and the mask is pulled round so I can't see what is happening, but I can feel, and we're close enough that I can understand where her arms and legs are. I get one hand free and am pulling my mask back round, let there be light! I've captured one of her legs between my two legs and she is clasping her two legs round one of mine, she's pulling my body close and works an arm up to my neck. I pull clear, retreat, on my knees, facing her, we're over the hour, but this has to finish, there has to be a winner. I've got her on her back and she's fighting with all her might to stay in this, she won't submit, I can't finish her. She has the spirit to survive, but she's not able to dislodge me. Wait a minute, an almighty effort, she gets my leg with her two legs, I'm tipping over as she arcs her back and pushes me off, I jump to my feet, she's dancing in front of me, ready to re-engage, I can't beat her and she can't beat me, we've een fighting 70 minutes, I make the offer "I think we can call this a draw", she slows down her movement, smiles at me, we simultaneously reach out to shake hands, we are hugging and thanking each other for a great match. Its 5-5. We're standing on the mats, half stretching, talking, but most of all just savouring the moment, we've done battle here today at Monica's Wrestling Centre, and could not be separated despite our best competitive efforts. I'm feeling so exhilarated and happy right now. It's a draw, and this great sport is the winner.

…. 3 hours later ….

The train journey back from Paddington has gone smoothly, next stop is Cardiff Central. I'm finishing typing my match report into the computer. The passenger sitting next to me has had an interesting read, I hope you have too.

Great (opening) Night!

by Andrew

linaopennight2.jpg... congrats on the new premises - nice and airy, with good shower and excellent mats for the field activities. The evening was v. pleasant.

For me the prelude was an intense half-hour contest with visiting Nordic goddess Lina.This was delightfully combative as we crabbed around the mat in a seies of headlocks, punctuated by long and lively passages on the floor. Lina wrestles with a constant wry smile, and her brain hums audibly as she ponders the technical possibilities from each position.I hung on in a continuous leg-lock that we agreed resembled an octopus convention, before Lina converted her superiority into solid points with a couple of crafty armbars. Near the end I thought to have the advantage, but at this point she pounced like a well-trained bird of prey and inflicted a painful ankle lock. I believe I finished the contest vaguely resembling the proceeds of a grave robbery.

My remaining task is to try and persuade Monica, who perchance considers me a bit simple, to stop calling me Simon.

Event Review

by PeterODlina_v_byka.jpg

I'd seen the website.

I'd bought two of the videos from clips for sale.

Now I have been to my first event organised by Monica.

Monica produces DVDs of these events so I'll not be going into details of match outcomes - you'll just have to order the DVD!

Five great matches and one mixed match ...

Xana v Athena
Lina v Byka
Xana v Dynamo
Lina v Fritz
Byka v Dynamo
Xana v Lina

There was an audience of 20 or so, and some of the faces in the audience were familiar from photos I've seen of guys getting beat up on various websites (Festelle etc). The venue was in a great location and there was a bar downstairs (though the 4 double vodkas and coke I had after not drinking any alcohol for 4 months was a bit too much). The whole thing was done really well with ring announcer complete with bow tie. Had a drink with Monica and a group of 7 others later - Maggie Jennings joined us. Jet had been there ealier - I'd never her seen her other than on websites before yesterday - so lots of bonuses. There were mixed matches afterwards and Aid was first onto the mats - I owed him a pint for tiring Roxi out before I beat her in April and hope the chilled Fosters hit the spot yesterday after his match.

If you are debating whether it is worth travelling to an event like this, I left my house at 7.30 am, was back at 11.30 pm. So I was away for not much longer than if I was doing a single session myself - so definitely worth it to meet so many of the faces you see on the websites, watch top class wrestling action and have the opportunity to wrestle the girls. My elbow was still giving me grief and even if it wasnt I would have been massacred by any of the athletes competing yesterday.

Taz could not make it due to a sprained ankle - I did miss her, but fully understand that these things happen. Love you Taz.

Next event is in September.

Monica's Flaming June Fightfest

by Melxana_v_lina.jpg

What makes a good tournament wrestler? Skill, speed, strength, toughness, attitude, looks? Depending on who you ask some or all and in differing orders. But REALLY what makes a good one? RELIABILITY! Sadly, that was not evident with 3 of the invited fighters, although one phoned on the day; a bit late!

Fortunately, it was evident in plenty from the 5 there - the ever-reliable, ever-fabulous Lina and Xana plus the super new tournament 'virgins' (treading on dangerous ground now son!) Athena and Byka + the very welcome sub (not in that way!) Dynamo.

The first bout saw 'old v new' as "La Tres Belle Reine Russe, La Lutteuse Tres Magnifique" Xana tangled with the whip-cracking athletic and attractive Athena; what a great match! Lots of skill and strength here, clearly Athena's years of boxing and kick-boxing training in evidence and although she has only wrestled for about 3 months she put up a tough fight against the very experienced and 'slippery' Xana - who seems to have two pairs of arms and legs, as when you think you have finally held or pinned her, a few swift moves and she's out! Athena received great credit for her powerful debut performnce -  a real star here!

Then the 2nd 'old v new' as the ever-lovely ever-lethal 'supababe' Lina tackled the butt-kicking beautiful Byka. A great match! Like Xana, Lina is very skilful, very experienced and very tough - but so is Byka! And she won't go down without a fight, believe me! And she didn't. Byka has only been wrestling a year and then only off and on and hardly at all for 3 months 'the grrrl done good'! So, like Athena, another great prospect for the future; and watch out all of you when both have had more training and experience!!

Now what of the dynamic dishy Dynamo? Poor girl, she had only come to watch then she gets dragged in - no problem! Then she has to fight Xana - YIKES! No wonder she was rather tentative to start! Survival was top of the agenda! But to her credit Xana probably stayed in 2nd gear with the odd crank up to third and although outclassed Dynamo hung in there showed some fortitude and battled through the full 3 x 6 rounds.

Dynamo's post-lunch return against Byka saw her kick up a few gears (well both are black leather riders of the storm) as she took on a very focused Byka - oh how she wanted a win on her debut! And trust me Dynamo wanted to win too! Well-matched, they produced an all-action fight with some good moves, not a little skill and some hard wrestling! Byka took the early advantage but Dynamo fought back well but in the home straight a very determined Byka pulled ahead to record that so desired first win.

Our final match was a true belter! An absolute classic wrestling match between two of the best and most gorgeous grapplers you could wish to see - a replay of the hard match they fought out at the previous tournament when it was honours even. This time Xana really upped the odds, and as always Lina gave it her all and fought back hard.

A massive thank you to our organiser the 'Jolly Green Grappler' herself (Monica did look rather super in her lime green velour tracksuit!) to the guys for coming and our 5 fabulous fighting femmes for making it 'A Grand Day Out!'

And finally - a date for your diary; Saturday September 27th - "Monica's Autumn Mayhem"

Be there, or she'll send the girls round! (But then guys you'd rather like that, wouldn't you??!!)

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