June 2009 live wrestling event DVDNINE awesome matches and the biggest MWC Event ever. The cream of wrestlers: Veronica Vicious, Antscha, Viktoria M, Xana, Sherkaan, Kassidy and Tyger ...

Matches include Antscha and Xana's grudge fight, Sherkaan and Kassidy's brutal clash of titans, Kassidy and Viktoria's rematch decider (the outcome was conclusive), Veronica Vicious and Xana's intense encounter ... plus  much more.

Decisive outcomes all round. Rarely has so much pure wrestling talent been assembled in one place at one time! 

1. Veronica v Xana 2. Kassidy v Sherkaan 3. Antscha v Xana 4. Viktoria v Veronica 5. Tyger & Antscha v Sherkaan 6. Tyger v Viktoria 7. Dynamo v Adriana 8. Kassidy v Viktoria 9. Antscha v Tyger

Double DVD Boxed Set Running time: 2hr 45 mins


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Monica rings in the changes. Read the whole interview HERE!

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